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5 Clips We’ve All Seen


5 Horse Clips We’ve All Seen

Clipping season is here! Get out your clippers, wear your most horse hair resistant clothes and get ready to itch from now until next year, oh the joys! Are you a total beginner to clipping or a clipping professional? Well, either way, this is the blog for you! From clippers that have a mind of their own, to ponies with stars, we’ve all had some sort of experience with clipping. Read on to find out some of the best (and funniest) clips we’ve come across!

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1) The “is there even a horse under this” coat

Think of the fluffiest horse you’ve ever seen, and double it! The fluff monster is so extreme that you really do doubt there is a living creature underneath it all. They're usually found wandering the field collecting as much mud, twigs and general dirt as possible before you, the poor soul left in charge, must give them a good groom before you can even think about going near them with the clippers.


2) Perfect lines, perfect horse

How do people get leg lines THAT straight!? A ruler? Spirit level? Laser hair removal? It almost defies the laws of horse clipping but damn, does it look good! Quite often found on the yard where the horse mum studied architecture and is a boss at getting symmetrical, dead straight lines.


3) Seeing stars…or hearts… or shamrocks!

We all remember Crunch, the adorable miniature Shetland who got clipped to show stars all over his cute little body. These funky clips are usually seen at riding schools or pony camps where the kiddies have pestered the instructors to make their horse the most, well, unique they can be. We personally love funky patterns, when done well! For all sorts of clips, make sure you're following the Clipping Queen Jillian Scott, she created the below masterpiece! 


4) The “WHAT HAVE I DONE” clip

You’ve seen it, maybe you were the one that did it – the what the fudge clip. We're talking lines so wiggly a worm is jealous, tufts of hair, maybe a partially (*cough*accidentally*cough*) hogged mane…the list goes on! Likely found where a yard owner has already clipped 27 horses that day, has an aching back and simply given up all hope of a nice clip. Or maybe your other half took control quoting "how hard can this clipping malarky be".


5) How do I clip THIS?!

We all know a mud monster that you would dread clipping. How do you get through two inches of gross, caked-on mud (well, we hope it's mud!?) Perhaps industrial strength shampoo and a power hose would do the trick before taking any shiny new clippers within a barge pole distance of this horse!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and had a good laugh at some of the clips. 

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