Ellie's Blog


Hello Tottie followers and fans! I thought being the first blog of the year I would introduce myself and my ponies and tell you a bit more about what we do. Firstly, my names Ellie and am one of the lucky select girls for Tottie this year. With the new year well under way I’ve already started planning the diary for shows, lessons, clinics etc… all in aid of reaching the new goals for this year. 


There are many things to juggle with competing, training and a full time job, so planning is a key part of my daily life planner! The ponies have been in work throughout the winter and are just starting their fitness training and schooling. I have been lucky enough to get a trailer for my 21st Birthday so my diary is getting jam packed full with events this year and hoping for some good results. The first event of the year will be arena cross country, so hopefully it will result in no injuries!!


More about the boys themselves, Bobby is a grey gelding, who acts like he’s the king.. I brought him as a unbroken, untouched 6 year old. With the help of my mum we gained his trust and broke him to ride, now 2 years down the line we are setting our goals for HOY’s. He loves a good bronk every now and then. 


Next is Gordon, a 9 year old Welsh Section D. He definitely portrays the typical welsh pony. I have had gordon for a year now and last year completed our first club level driving trials, his speciality. Gordon as well as a driving pony he also rides. With the weather at this time of year being so wet I tend to only ride through the winter months, allowing me a head start at the beginning of year. Gordon himself has many strange characteristics.. Which you can see on my instagram account —> (wallace_ellie). 


Finally, I myself have been riding for many years, I have done pony club and been through the mad pony stage when I was at school. I was lucky enough to get a place at Hartpury College on a Equine foundation degree course. while here I got a massive insight to the horse world and was lucky enough to have guest talks from well known names in equine industry, including Paul Tapner!!  I am very excited to be working alongside Team Tottie, they have amazing products that are so comfy and good value for money as well as being great quality.