Equestrian Language


As an equestrian, it’s easy to end up in our own little world, completely oblivious to anyone who may not be as horse fanatical as us. But it’s important to remember that not everything we say makes total sense to everyone else. As it turns out, we seem to have developed an entirely new language, which we don’t remember learning, but seem to speak fluently without even noticing. So here are 10 words which mean something totally different to so called ‘normal’ people... 



Normal people: Something I use to keep my breath fresh and mouth minty

Equestrians: Something I find in all of my pockets and how I bribe my horse to do as I say


Plastic Bags

Normal people: Something I begrudgingly pay 5p for because yet again I have forgotten my own bag for life!

Equestrians: A hideous monsters that lurks, ready and waiting to pounce on my horse and I when we least expect it. Likely to cause injury, usually to me...



Normal people: Lunging is an activity I attempt at the gym and visciously regret when I attempt to climb the stairs the next morning at work

Equestrians: When I’m too tired from doing my own lunges so I lead my horse round on a long rope and attempt to train him. Note the use of word attempt



Normal people: Vinegar is a brown liquid people seem to love or hate. Usually associated with fish and chips

Equestrians: A product I use as a beauty treatment when hot ragging my horse to make him lovely and clean



Normal people: Something I desperately try to avoid unless it involves a luxury spa weekend

Equestrians: Something my horse seeks out once I have spent the past few hours painstakingly cleaning him



Normal people: Something I use to buy the things I like once my bills have been paid.

Equestrians: Money is something I don’t have because my horse somehow manages to drain my pockets before I manage to get my hands on it



Normal people: I occasionally see Hay when I drive through the countryside and see large cylinders of it in fields

Equestrians: Something I find literally everywhere! In my hair, in my bed, even in my bra! And why is it so itchy and long!


Sweeping Brushes

Normal people: A sweeping brush is a tool I reluctantly use when my kitchen floor has officially reached the point of no return.

Equestrians: Sweeping the yard is not the only use for a sweeping brush, it makes an ideal toy for keeping dogs, horses and probably small children entertained.



Normal people: Something I eat when I‘m trying to convince myself that they definitely cancel out the chocolate bars I ate earlier... They do!

Equestrians: An orange vegetable which must remain highly stocked at all times in order to ensure a well behaved horse. Supposedly.


Horse Boxes

Normal people: Horse boxes are used to transport horses and are usually the reason I’m late to work because why are you going so slow!

Equestrians: The ultimate challenge. If you can get your horse straight into one of these you are officially a magician. Or a horse whisperer. Planning in extra time into your day is a must if you want to coax your horse into one of these contraptions.