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How to get the best deal on horse vet fees insurance


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How to get the best deal on horse vet fees insurance

We all know the scenario: your horse has injured himself and you are frantically calling the vet for help. All you can think about is how quickly you can get your friend the assistance he or she needs, but at the back of your mind you know that this is likely to be a very expensive accident.

While you can’t prevent the cost of vet fees going up, you can ensure that you’re not left with a big bill – that’s where vet fees insurance comes in. But how do you get an affordable deal that is right for you and your horse? Read on.

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Is horse insurance the same thing as vet fees insurance?

No, it’s not – and this is where a lot of horse owners can find themselves out of pocket.

Standard horse insurance usually covers costs if your horse is stolen or strays, if he or she dies, and possibly also public liability (if your horse injures someone else or damages their property).

Horse vet fees insurance gives you peace of mind that your vet fees are covered to a specified amount if your horse injures himself in the stable, field, or when out.


How do I find a good value deal?

As with any type of insurance, it pays to shop around and use comparison websites such as money. co. uk

That said, the cheapest premium does not always mean the best deal. Good points to consider include:

  • What is the limit I can claim per incident or in vet fees per year?
  • How much is the excess if I do make a claim?
  • Does the insurer specialise in equine insurance (so more likely to be tuned in to the specific requirements of horse owners)?
  • Do they have a good track record and great customer reviews?
  • Will the age of my horse affect the cost of the premium?
  • Could I get a better deal by insuring more than one horse on the same policy?

Once you have identified two or three insurers who look like they will meet your needs, go through the above check-list to narrow your search.


How much you can expect to pay?

Yearly premiums differ depending on how much cover you require and which insurer you opt for.

However, to give you an easy point of reference, here at Harry Hall we offer our One Club members an exclusive deal on horse vet fee insurance from £91.80 per year or just £7.65 per month. This means you can protect your horse for accidental external injuries up to claim limits of £1,500, but you also have the option of paying £25.80 more a month to increase the limit to £3,000 for any one claim.

Given the cost of joining the One Club is at little as £10 per year – and membership comes with a raft of other great discounts and benefits, such as savings of up to 30% from our online equestrian shop – it’s a pretty good deal.

We like to keep it simple, so you can get covered online in a matter of minutes. And, unlike some insurers, we have no age limits for horses on all but one of our policies.


What isn’t included as standard?

While extras add to your annual cost, the cover easily pays for itself if something goes wrong. Harry Hall offers three useful extras alongside our vet fees insurance:

  • Tack Cover: +£70
    Because we all know how much we get attached to our favourite tack – and it’s not cheap to replace. This covers lost, stolen or damaged tack, and is especially important for riders who frequently attend events.
    Details: £1,000 sum insured with £200 excess (annual policy inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 12.00% and a £17.00 administration fee)
  • Colic Cover +£260
    Given colic affects up to 10% of horses, and can swiftly become life-threatening, this extra is highly recommended.
    Details: Covers colic surgery costs of up to £5,000. For any one claim and in the aggregate. Excess of £500 per claim (annual policy inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 12.00% and a £26.00 administration fee)
  • Disposal Costs +£24
    It’s really not something any of us want to think about, but this cover contributes up to £300 towards euthanasia and disposal if a horse dies as a result of an accidental or external injury.

    Details: No excess fee (annual policy inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 12.00% and a £6.20 administration fee).

What now?

We hope that our guide has given you some handy tips on how to find affordable vet fees insurance that works for you. While insurance is never a fun topic, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful. Click here to find out more about horse insurance.

Trust us to make your next insurance renewal a happier one

We have policies for public liability, personal accident, vet fees, colic, tack and horse trailer that take just minutes to buy online. We made our horse insurance affordable and transparent, and even chuck in more perks than the competition!

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