Immun Ocean


The Immun-Ocean range of Irish macro algae horse supplements are performance supplements for the modern horse. They are 100% natural and are Irish sourced and produced. From breeding stock to performance horses, Immun-Ocean brings results. Powered by Irish goodness. Continue reading to find out more about what professional riders and customers have to say...



What The Professionals Think...


“We have an 8 year old who looked a bit flat in his coat and down in his general condition. We put him on Immun-Ocean Gastro and he bounced back, he looks great and he is now performing well in his dressage and show jumping. He looks completely different and he has freshened up and his coat looks gleaming. He was actually quite grumpy in the stable and he is now more amenable. I believe that since he has been taking the Gastro supplement my horse has thrived and changed beyond all recognition.” 


“We have a mountain fell pony that we bought 5 years ago and we gelded him and although he had a good temperament he never thrived. Since we put him on Immun-Ocean Pure he now has a much better bloom on his coat and his overall condition has improved and we are delighted. He is looking much better and he is one our biggest earners now in our riding school. Since put the pony on Pure, I believe that he has thrived and changed beyond all recognition from the pony he was before.” 



“With Immun-Ocean Gastro, I know my horses stay healthy and hold their form. Great value too.” 



“I have been using Immun-Ocean for over a year.  I know that I am riding extremely healthy, happy horses”.



“My horses have been on Immum-Ocean Gastro since the beginning of the 2015 season. I am thrilled with the way they have maintained their condition and form.”



“We have been delighted with the results we have seen since starting our mares, weanlings and sales prep yearlings on the Immun-Ocean range or products.”



“I tried my top event horse Soltair Justice on Immun-Ocean Gastro. I was so pleased with his improvement, I swiftly put my whole yard of horses on it.”



“Alan’s and my horses have been on Gastro for 2 months now and our results are doing the talking for us.”



“It’s great stuff. I love it.”





What The Ameteurs Think...


“I was recommended Gastro by my Instructor after my horse had issues with being mounted and ridden.  It has totally transformed my ex racer into a calm concentrated horse who loves his work and his condition is amazing now.” 

- Samii Muirhead


“It has made a huge difference with our 8 year old thoroughbred gelding, I have tried just about every supplement to help his digestive tract. Not only is his manure quality finally normal but his attitude has changed dramatically! He is much happier and more rideable.”

- Randa Sorzano Miami, Florida


“After a course of Breeders Blend, our 2 mares are in foal and looking really healthy.”

- Ballymoney Stud Claire McDonnell, Breeder


“When I was putting a saddle on my horse, Parys, I noticed her flinching, putting her ears back and stamping. I have tried other supplements previously but with no results. After being introduced to Immun-Ocean Pure, I started using the product and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference, I had no problems when saddling up and no stamping or distressed horse. Irecommend this supplement as it has changed Parys’ life! I now have a happy horse.” 

- Victoria Rogers


“Since my horses have been on the Immun-Ocean Pure, I have noticed a big improvement in their overall well being and their condition. They look fabulous and their coats are gleaming. I can fully recommend this supplement.” 

- Katja Stemmler


I was talking to you at the Tattersalls horse show just over two weeks ago because I was looking for a new supplement for my 22yo mare. She had colic and it wasn't passing but you recommended Immun-Ocean Pure and I'm delighted with it! The colic passed within 2-3 days of using it and hasn't returned. She's normally quite fussy when it comes to new foods or supplements but she loves the seaweed flavour. We had some difficulties getting her to drink enough water when the colic first arrived but I think the saltiness of the seaweed is making her drink more which is great. Thankfully she's in much better form now, and even the vet was surprised at her condition. 

You asked to let you know how she got on with the product - so thank you so much for your help!

 - Alice