Infrared Rugs for Horses - What do they do?

Not convinced by FIR technology? Confused at how infrared could help your horse? Heard of Protechmasta but not sure what it really is or does? Then this blog on infrared rugs for horses is for you! If you have any further questions on the range please contact us on Facebook @Mastarugs or Instagram @masta_horse

What is FIR technology?

Far Infrared (FIR) are waves on the infrared spectrum, they are invisible to the human eye and are known to be low energy and low penetration without damaging biological tissues. FIR is a natural process that is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation.


Infrared Horse rugs

How does Protechmasta work?

Protechmasta fabric has been infused with a special bio-ceramic lining that emits a safe form of FIR. This is then reflected from the body creating a natural black body effect, as mentioned above, this then gently and safely assists blood circulation which eases muscle tension, support recovery and aids in helping to keep structures and functions sound. The bio-ceramic lining is blended into the fibre of the rug so does not wash out and can be used for years.


How can Infrared help my horse?

The infrared technology found in Protechmasta helps by gently assisting blood circulation which in turn can help aid recovery from injury, maintain healthy joints, help ease swollen or filled legs, prepare muscles and tendons for exercise and assist in reducing muscle tightness by aiding relaxation. 85% of users noticed an improvement in their horse’s ridden work after using Protechmasta and 62% felt their horse was more relaxed in general since using infrared therapy.


When can Infrared be used?

When first using the infrared technology available in Protechmasta we recommend using for short periods of time until your horse or your body (don’t forget we have a human range too!) is used to the technology. The Protechmasta range can be used in several ways depending on the product. It is perfect for use when travelling, before, during or after exercise or when the horse is stabled for long periods of time.


Infrared Horse rugs

What do people think of Protechmasta?

“Since using the leg wraps during the day my horse’s fetlocks have no swelling at all. When doing lateral work his reach and movement is also a lot better.”

“The Protechmasta poll guard has worked a miracle with my head-shy thoroughbred. I could drone on for hours about how much it’s helped him, it has made a huge difference!”

“We were so impressed with the Protechmasta Travel Boots, they are very well made and Beetle came off the lorry after 8 hours like a spring lamb.”

“Toledo gets hot and excited on the lorry through nervous anticipation. We’ve tried loads of different rugs but it’s Protechmasta that has seriously helped. He’s been pretty perfect in it and now lives in it!”


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