Kirsty - Diary Entry


It's coming up to the end of April and I can quite happily say that I am pleased with what I have achieved so far this year with the pony. Ruby and I have been having weekly lessons and I feel like I have learned to jump again, in the short space of 4 months I have grown so much in confidence and ruby has grown in muscle and technique!


Due to the injury in her back she had the beginning of last year, we are working on ‘gymnastic’ jumping, which is involving a lot of bounces and complicated jump set-ups, but we are both thoroughly enjoying it! So far this year we have already been to two show outings as well as a training day, and we have lots more planned including XC which is so exciting! XC is mine and Ruby’s favourite thing but due to our confidence knock last year, we were unable to go, but hopefully this year we will have a few outings. I recently celebrated my 18th birthday which was exciting as I received lots of really lovely presents as well as lots of love on social media!


I am loving the summer weather which we have been receiving recently, taking advantage of it to bath Ruby until she is shining, the only problem with the weather is the flies, oh and that natural gingers like me burn not tan…but the summer hacking is worth it, galloping through open fields and popping over the occasional fallen tree!


I am enjoying being part of select18, being able to promote a brand (which I already adore) and being able to post blogs every month, it also gives me an excuse to have a photoshoot with Ruby every few weeks!


Be sure to check out my Instagram where I post updates weekly and you can see some of the Tottie items being worn - @kirstyfitchequestrain


See you soon, Kirsty and Ruby x