Leucillin, the most powerful,  non-toxic, non-irritant antiseptic available. Leucillin is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution, that kills up to 99.99999% of germs. This reliable, innovative and affordable sprayprovides a powerful solution to combat a wide variety of pathogen. Read on to find out how Leucillin customers feel about the changes to their horses wellbeing... 


How Leucillin Helped My Horse - Case Studies


Michele Griffiths -

On 28th September my horse had put his foot through a barbed wire fence, this was his first night in a new field with new neighbours.  Luckily I had put brushing boots and overreach boots on both front legs.  When I went to fetch him in that morning he didn’t come over as he usually would, instantly I knew something was wrong L Yes he was stood in the same area where it had happened, the cuts luckily looked pretty fresh.  The vet was called instantly who came out and stitch the top cut but wasn’t sure if it would hold due to location.  The lower cut was just cleaned and covered as the top was the main concern as was pretty close to tendon sheath.  Box rest was required with minimal movement.

On Wednesday 1st October Ego was showing signs of colic, the vet was called again who suspected impaction colic from change of routine.  Ego was tubed that day but the following day he was quickly showing signs of pain again, so on Thursday 2nd October the vet came again and felt the compaction so was tubed again and given pain relief but within 2 hours Ego was in intense pain and my vet referred us to Donnington Grove who diagnosed Ego as having Nephroplenic Entrapment, which basically means that his colan had become full of gases which had caused it to travel up covering his kidneys on the scan.  The first method was to use a drug to shrink his spleen and get Ego moving on the lunge, this however was more tricky as he had only just recently put his foot through barbed wire.  After 3 days of this method of shrinking spleen, lunging and starving they started to notice slow signs of improvement.  On day 5 Ego was allowed to come home after they had trickle fed him for a couple of days.  Ego lost 30 kilo’s in weight in that week of being poorly.

The cut whilst at Donnington Grove was treated with Manuka honey and kept covered.  The stitches came out on day 14 and has since been treated with Leucillin and Sudocream initially when first turn ’t out for 1-2 days.  Since then only Leucillin, see images.  I haven’t taken a picture in the last week but will soon and forward on. The cuts have healed tremendously and I am so pleased with the outcome, at one point I thought we would certainly get proud flesh but it would seem that we didn’t. The healing process wasn’t as clear due to Ego’s hospitalisation but am so pleased he is now home and gaining weight and condition slowly. Thank you for letting me trial this product, I have already recommended it to many others. My vet was sceptical as they all are!


Jo Lunt, Sammie 8yr old British Riding Pony and Royal Welsh Winner - 


I brought Sammie in one night from the field with a gash above his knee and called my vet immediately, he said it was too late to stitch so he flushed wound and gave him antibiotics. A week later I called vet for second time as the gash had now got infected, I was advised to dry poultice the wound until clear.


After three weeks of policing, things were not looking good; Sammie had now also got a large pressure sore behind the knee so I called vet for the third time. Every three to five days for weeks an weeks they dressed his leg from top to bottom with a huge amounts of bandages causing a second pressure sore on the inside of his knee, they told me this was going to take months to sort!


Nine weeks on my vet bill was standing at £1200. I was beginning to looking at making a decision to put Sammie out of his misery, when one day I was telling my mum about my situation with Sammie when she suggested using Leucillin! She had used this product on one of her own horses and it had made a miracle recovery. She said have faith and trust this product as her horse was proof it did work. I plucked the courage up and stripped all Sammie’s dressings off! I sprayed Leucillin on his wounds at every available opportunity, within one week Sammie was well enough to go out in the field, three weeks on Sammie had made a full recovery. Leucillin saved his life, if only I knew of it earlier it would of saved him nine weeks of trauma. Thank you to Leucillin! I tell all my friends to have this on standby, it’s a must for everyone’s first aid box at home and the yard.