Meet the OTHER Harry Hall...

My name is Holly Hall I am 7, and I have a four-year-old brother called… Harry Hall! We live in Hertfordshire and we are very proud to be supported by Harry Hall the leading equestrian website this year! (It is rather a perfect fit isn’t it?!) We both wear Harry Hall jodhpurs to ride, as they are so comfortable and we love the colours and designs. My favourite pair has horses running down the legs. My favourite subject at school is English. I love to read and write my own stories. Harry enjoys PE because he loves to run around.

We spend lots of time at the stables with our ponies, and ride when ever we can. We are members of Enfield Chace Hunt Pony Club and learning how to look after and ride our ponies at rallies and mini camp with our friends.

Harry's goal this year is to master rising trot and he is desperate to canter. I'm really looking forward to camp and I will be doing more showing and dressage with my pony Freddie. I'd like to try first ridden classes again and to improve my jumping enough to have ago at working hunter classes.

Why riding is sometimes forbidden

Two days a week Mummy doesn’t let us ride; she says it’s important to have other interests apart from the horses.

I go to gymnastics club which is great fun and my teacher says it will help my riding as it will be good for my balance.

I also do swimming lessons, and I’d like to try Pony Club triathlon this year.

Harry plays rugby, which he loves. Sometimes he goes to watch Daddy’s favourite team the Harlequins.

Meet my Shetland — and yes, he’s cheeky!

We have three horses in our family.

Popeye is my mum’s horse. He is a 20-year-old Skewbald with two blue eyes.

We have had him for 10 years, and he came from Redwings horse sanctuary as he was neglected and abandoned as a youngster. He is really kind and gentle. His main job is to accompany the ponies on hacks. When Harry or I do not have time to ride, Mummy takes a pony on the lead with Popeye.

We also own a skewbald miniature Shetland called Mooky, who is just 8hh and aged nine. Mummy brought Mooky for me when I was one-and-a-half.

Mooky can be very cheeky at times. If he gets excited he will jump about or bite Mummy’s leg when being led.

I have done all sorts on Mooky, including showing, both in hand and ridden.

My favourite class is the concours d’elegance because I feel really special riding in the long skirt.

I have also done some games with Mooky and tried jumping. Mooky is hard to jump because he jumps the poles a lot higher than he needs to which makes it hard to sit to. I’ve fallen off lots of times!

I have also had a go at polo and horse ball with him which is great fun and we have been in the mounted games team at Pony Club.

I came off the lead rein in April and started to get too big on Mooky so in July we got our 3rd pony Freddie, a 12.2hh 10 year old palomino section B gelding. We are lucky enough to have him on loan from a family who are in the same Pony Club as us.

Freddie is a very nice safe pony and a great pony to take me to my next level.

Freddie's main purpose is to help me learn to ride. I’m having to really think about my balance in canter at the moment in my lessons as Freddie is very bouncy. I need to think about keeping my heels down and shoulders back, and watch I don't tip forward when he goes back to trot.

Freddie really loves to jump. I am keen to learn. I do feel nervous when I jump, and I've fallen off quite a lot where I've lost my balance going over a jump. But I'm getting better and more confident every time I try.

Hacks — or bear hunts?

Harry now rides Mooky, and loves to hack out. He pretends he is on a bear hunt and turns the ride into an adventure, he makes us all laugh.

Harry has also had a go at mounted games and handy pony with Mooky, he loves the cup race the best.

He has done a couple of local shows last season in the tiny tot lead rein class, the judges love Harry’s smile.

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Holly and Harry Hall

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