Plum Pudding


Name – Plum Pudding

Age – 8 months

Occupation – Rescue dog ambassador, chief mischief maker, flower pot attendant, taste tester.


Hello everyone!

My name is Plum Pudding (yes you read that right, will come back to that shortly) and I’m an 8 month old Cockapoo.  My Mummy or ‘The PA’ as my sisters and I like to call her, adopted me on New Years Day.  I was rescued from an Irish puppy farm and Mummy says I had a very lucky escape!  I have four sisters – Lady, Annabelle, Daisy and Dolly AND three cousins – Snowy, Honey and Minnie.

I’m the PA’s third rescue dog, her first was Lucy, she’s my big sister but she went to play with the angels in early December and the PA misses her every day.  Lucy was somewhat of a superstar, award winner and all round social butterfly touching hearts and raising awareness wherever she went.  Apparently, she thinks I’m suitable to fill this rather daunting role, certainly BIG paws to follow that’s for sure, but I’ve had promises of cuddles and treats, what can I say I’m easily persuaded! 


The PA and I were kind of ‘meant to be’, you see my late sister Lucy had an obsession with cake and when the PA saw me on the rescue centre website something kept drawing her back to my profile, with a name like Plum Pudding who could forget me?! And so she went about the adoption process.  We stuck with my rather unconventional name as it brought us together and would no doubt make Lucy proud, her second in command being named after CAKE! I’m not going to lie, yes in the vet waiting room it’s a little embarrassing but different is good, right?! AND I have an unforgettable personality too – oh and have I mentioned I’m modest to boot?!


My PA’s aim is to advocate rescue pets, well, we are pretty pawsome and it’s more a case of why wouldn’t you consider adoption if you are looking for a new family member?!  Rescue centres aren’t full of bad dogs, they are full of dogs that just need a loving home, a chance of their very own forever family.  You can find small dogs, big dogs and everything in between, even puppies.  Want a specific breed?! Yep, there are even breed specific rescue too, see there really is no reason to at least not consider a rescue pet, we will love you a million time over in return.


If you do open your heart to a rescue dog remember they may need a little extra time to settle into a home environment depending on their background.  Sometimes they may not of known a kind hand, so you may need to earn their trust or there may have been a family breakup so they are a little bewildered.  If the dog you have adopted is nervous why not create a ‘safe place’ for them where if things get too much, they can go and chill out in? Don’t rush them, let them progress at their own pace.  Also, treats can be your best friend, if a rescue dog is coming to you and they get treats (you could even use part of their daily food) they are going to think you are pretty awesome, a great way to build a bond. 


A lot of rescue dogs will already be toilet trained but if yours isn’t, be patient.  In my case I would have been allowed to go to the loo where and when I liked, so breaking that behaviour can be challenging but persevere! Don’t tell them off if they have a little accident but praise when they do go outside, sometimes when I go outside you’d think the PA had won the lottery, it makes me cringe a little but she gives me a treat to every cloud and all that. 


Living in a home is amazing, yes there are the boundaries, apparently sleeping on the coffee table and jumping on kitchen table to steal the cat’s food isn’t desirable behaviour! Neither is chewing your sisters ears so they now resemble 60’s throwbacks with severe bobs!  BUT then when I’m a good girl I get extra treats so it’s all about balance.  I’m even attending training classes, the PA said they are to turn me into a lady, I’m sure that’s not their official name or that she has any chance of that happening but it keeps her happy so I just agree!


Anyway, got to dash, my sister has just picked up MY bone and I need to go and retrieve it!


Love and paw-hugs,


Plum Pudding xx


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