Protechmasta Magic in Massage

As a horse massage therapist, I am always looking for innovative technology or techniques to help aid the horse but also that will aid the owner in optimising their horse’s performance. I can hand on heart say that when I heard about the Masta Protechmasta rug with far infra-red technology my eyes lit up and I was itching to try it and work it into my massage therapy routine and here is how!

Karen Protechmasta

Equine massage works with the horse’s body, it helps release muscle spasms created by exercise or competitions which in turn help place the muscle back to a state of relaxation. This then relieves tension, reduces fatigue of the muscle, helps diminish pain which can also then help relieve anxiety within the horse.

Introducing the Protechmasta rug after massage also helps keep the circulatory and lymphatic system moving which can help move essential nutrients to the muscle and remove waste products of the muscle through the lymphatic system. This helps also to keep the horse warm and relaxed and all within a 20 minuets post massage wear.

When working at competitions I like to use the Protechmasta rug before I start to further warm up the horse with sports massage. The rug really helps work with the horse to relax and relive any pre-competition anxiety and get the circulation moving until I remove the rug and start to limber them up ready to work. After the competition, I like to give an overall body check and post competition massage and then let the Protechmasta rug do the rest.

The Protechmasta helps wick away any sweat on the horse keeping them comfortable and relaxed. The FIR technology works on a cellular level helping the horses body to recovery quickly and allows the body to release heat whilst increasing the blood flow to help keep the horses temperature regulated and help lower the risk of muscle heat exhaustion occurring.

Protechmasta Karen Picture

Overall, I have found that both the horses and clients love the effects of what the Protechmasta rug brings and with it being light weight it is easy to incorporate into a therapy routine. It is also a rug that my clients can (and have) purchase to use in-between massage appointments to keep their horse in tip top shape. They have done this by using the rug as part of a relaxing grooming routine, before and after they have exercised their horse and most importantly to help relieve anxiety in times of a stressful events such as traveling.

As you can see from the picture sleepy and relaxed is definitely what this mare is!

Karen Allott BSc (Hons) EMAP (Dist)

Allott RT Equine Massage