Harry Hall customers frequently get in touch to share their ProtechMasta success stories with us which inspires us to keep developing the very best products, in order to do this we wanted to put a top team together. We’re delighted to let you know that ProtechMasta has partnered with Equine and Human Sports Performance Anatomical Scientist and Mental Performance Coach Sandie Chambers. Sandie has come on board as part of an expert team we’re pulling together to help realise all the benefits of the ProtechMasta range.


Sandie is a pioneer and a world authority on the use of Infrared Thermography for identifying and monitoring injuries in the Equine and Human Sports field. Athletes are under a lot of pressure to perform and require regular monitoring, allowing swift intervention to maintain peak condition and optimise the performance. Sandie discovered the benefits of Infrared thermography for the equine athlete in 2003 and following years of research and testing developed highly comprehensive, standardised and reliable training programmes for the veterinarian, physiotherapist and associated professionals. Sandie also provides expertise and training to sports teams and sports professionals within the human sport & medical fields. Thermography’s benefits lie in its ability to detect changes in the thermal and neural condition of the patient allowing for swift intervention, prevention and monitoring of current conditions.

With a strong belief in monitoring and preventing injuries, Sandie’s philosophy is directly aligned with the ProtechMasta ethos and her training programmes have recently been approved by City and Guilds as she continues to deliver training through Equitherm, VetThem and SportTherm. Sandie has also developed groundbreaking software that allows Thermography Technicians, Veterinarians and Sports Medics to provide better medical support to Equine and Human athletes alike.

Sandie is also a Sports Mental Performance Coach and was instrumental during the success of young riders who went on to win Team Gold at the Pony Europeans. A competitive rider herself, Sandie knows how much work, blood, sweat, and tears go into producing horses to compete and maintaining optimum performance without compromising their health. She strongly believes if the rider has done everything in their power to prepare their horse physically then their mental strength with shine through. The Protechmasta IR range is designed to help prepare your horse for exercise and competition and improve the speed of recovery after both. FIR has been successfully researched by scientist across the globe in multiple applications including animal and humans. It has been shown to encourage better blood flow, this natural biological process improves circulation enabling better preparation of muscles, and tendons for exercise, increase oxygenation of tissues for performance and helps to flush through metabolic waste to restore and encourage optimum health.

Throughout Harry Hall’s 126 year history we have constantly seeked to improve, develop and evolve. We’re thrilled to be working with Sandie, be sure to keep an eye out for her informative series on how the ProtechMasta range could help your horse. And don't forget you could save 30% on ProtechMasta products when you join The Harry Hall One Club.