Short Legs, Monster Walk


Name: Reg (after my male human’s Granddad – well I was already given this name by the person that bred me, it was fate you see)

Age: 18 months 

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Human

Occupation: Walking the Chiltern Way 


I’m a tiny, very short legged, very handsomely marked, 18 month old Jack Russell. Well I’m currently 18 months old but by the time my human has finished dragging me on this adventure, I will be well over 2!


She, along with two other human friends, has decided to walk the entire 134 miles of the Chiltern Way. Why? I have no idea, but I get to spend lots of time wandering around beautiful countryside with my fellow hounds Lady, 13 from Battersea Dogs Home, and Grizzle, a Norfolk terrier with debatably shorter legs than me. 


A quarter of the walk has already been completed, 17 miles of which was over the Easter weekend. It was brilliant when I saw her shutting the front door this morning and heading off to work. I was exhausted. 


No peace in the pub

We have walked from Redlands End in Buckinghamshire all the way around to Marlow, over 40 miles so far. We seem to stop in lots of pubs on the way. I love this. In one of them, there was a pup called Fella. He and I played for ages while everyone was trying to relax and eat their lunch in peace. Not likely with me there as I am also one of the loudest little dogs around. I like talking… a lot! 


Rabbits are irresistible

Saying that, I haven’t been too badly behaved to date. I did have an especially naughty terrier day, but the rabbits smelt so lovely near Ewelme, I just couldn’t resist. Unfortunately this meant I had to go back on the long draggy lead again for a bit. 


We have been terribly lucky with the weather, it hasn’t rained once on our walks. I hate the rain. I love water and jumping in water, but not rain. I am a fan of a jacket or just staying inside. If the weather is particularly bad, I find that doing toilet on the veranda is most preferable. 


Another favourite thing of mine is to jump in really muddy puddles or the smelly edges of ponds. The smellier they are, the happier it makes me.


Next Chiltern Way walk is on Saturday. I hope the bluebells are still out!


Love Reg


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