Summer Time Madness


Wow! This summer has already kicked off to a great start! It’s been a long year at university and, between classes and Ben, I’ve been super busy. We’ve been to shows, I’ve completed my final assignments and exams, we’ve been training hard and finally, we have sprung into summer! I’m so excited for this summer, I have so many plans, both horsey and non-horsey, and I can’t wait to get some awesome photos and blogs for you guys! Read on to find out what we’ve been up to and what we will be taking on.


     University has been crazy the last few months, I’ve had six final assignments to get completed and submitted by deadline dates. I even had to do a dissertation proposal which sucked as I’m not staying on to do the dissertation year! Yawwn! I, luckily, only had two exams this year; Research Methods, which is basically statistical maths; and Extrinsic Factors Affecting Performance which involved all the factors such as saddle fit, shoeing, nutrition and training that effects how a horse performs. I’m quite confident I’ve done enough to pass so it’s just about waiting to get my results! Once I pass, I will have a Diploma in Equine Therapy so Ben will be getting lots of pampering!


     Ben and I have FINALLY got back to competing! A two-year break from the jumping circuit was awful but we’re back at it now. We firstly attending Codham Park’s Unaffiliated Show jumping day on the 14th May. Show jumping in unaffiliated classes in England are very different from Ireland as back home we don’t go against the clock unless it is affiliated of Cash Jumping. So, it was quite an experience for us to have the speed element as well as trying to go clear. I chose to do smaller classes as we were both out of the swing, so we firstly jumped in the 60cm Horse class and placed 6th as I had an unlucky pole (my own fault though), however I was so pleased with him! We then entered the 70cm Horse class and pulled a time of 38.31s as well as going clear which landed us in 4th! I was ecstatic and our placing meant we have qualified for the Sunshine Tour at Hickstead in September!


     We then went to Finchingfield EC for their Clear Round jumping evening. I entered the 65cm and 75cm classes as they had some horrendous looking fillers that I was unsure how Ben would react to. With a lot of encouragement (Thanks Nikki!) and a bit of a hairy ride, we pulled out two more double clears and came home with two lovely rosettes. I’m completely overwhelmed how well Ben is doing and, this has made me more and more confident to move up the classes in our oncoming shows this summer. I hope to go to Codham again over summer as they hold the Unaffiliated Jumping days once a month, I would also like to go to shows a bit further afield.


     I’m going to be meeting up with my friend Shannon and her Hackney X Welsh, George, over summer too! We’re hoping to head to the beach and maybe do some fun rides which will be fab. I’m also heading to Chelmsford Equestrian for the day with another lady from my yard, Faye, for a cross country training day as well as attending a Rally at Littles Farm where we will be having cross country, show jumping and dressage lessons, as well have mountains of free food (Score!).


     I aim to continue with Ben’s training as he has gotten so fit recently, having been ridden about 5/6 times a week. He looks like a new horse, so shiny and muscled! He’s made me so proud recently and I cannot wait for the rest of our summer together. You can follow our progress on my Instagram @erinandbenny where I regularly post about Ben and our adventures.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and I look forward to you reading my next one!

Erin x