Summer calls for lots of days out so I thought I’d share a few ideas to get you started! A little bit of a different blog from most of the tottie blogs but I hope it’s equally as useful and interesting.  Planning what to do in summer for me is quite exciting however I do only get 3 week off with my paramedic science course at uni so im going to cram as much in as I can, and hopefully catch a tan while out on shift!  Summer does not have to be expensive either, a chilled out picnic with friends can be just as amazing as trip away!


Farm trips!

It might just be me but a trip to see any animal makes a brilliant day out! I’m worse than the little kids when I go to the farm, especially around this time of year with all the babies! Farms can range in price but my local one is only £3 and I spent hours there, they are definitely good value for money! I take my camera everywhere so I’m always looking for a good shot, farms usually let you get quite close and personal to the animals which is always a bonus! I mean who can say no to a cosy lamb cuddle? Not me.


Horse trials!

Probably my favourite day/days out! Unfortunately due to uni this year I’ve not got many planned in but they run all through summer,  all around the country! There’s different levels but all are equally as exciting! My favourite is probably Bramham HT which is a 3* event and runs over 4 days. Its local to me so I usually go for the dressage and youngstock day and then go again for the XC day. I really don’t think you can beat watching XC, especially so close to your favourite horses and riders! It’s a must for any horse lover, you can get some amazing action shots too! I bumped into Mary King last year which was super cool! Before I forget the shopping is also to die for, make sure you save up well in advance!


Agricultural/ Country/ Game fairs!

Not everyone’s cup-of-tea but if your into the farming, country and shoot lifestyle then they make a brilliant day out! I love seeing all the dogs (animal obsessed I know). They range in price depending on location and size but there always jam packed full of action! They normally include trade stands, some have all types of animals on show and others just dogs etc. Game fairs normally  include gun dog and shoot demonstrations which are really interesting to watch! You can even have a go at shooting! Agricultural shows normally have various show rings and barns with all sorts of livestock to offer , some even have horses there too! The Great Yorkshire Show is a must! It runs over a few days and includes all of the above! The show jumping is fantastic too!


Beach trips!

With or without horse. There’s no better feeling than a gallop down a beach with your best friend , beach days are very memorable days. Just remember it’s all new so your horse may be very nervous and be equally as excited as you! Make sure to pack dry clothes too!

Non-horse beach trips can be just as fun! I love a long beach walk with my boyfriend and dogs, especially in the sun! Take a picnic, BBQ or buy fish and chips and no trips complete without an ice-cream!


Wildlife parks/Zoo’s/Aquariums

As you’ve probably guessed I’m pretty animal obsessed so of course I’ve been to all three (embarrassingly within the last 2 month). All three can be quite expensive so make sure to google what attractions and exhibits are at each one and pick your favourite.  My local wildlife park is amazing! They have so many animals and the enclosures are huge! They have lions, tigers, lemurs, baboons, giraffes and even polar bears!

Aquariums are good for the rainy summer days (which are inevitable in England) they are really relaxing too! Seeing all the different species close up is really interesting. They usually have sharks, sting rays, clown fish etc and you might even see some penguins and turtles like at the one I went to!



An excellent way to clear the mind, keep fit and enjoy the sun (and normally for free). Whether you choose to walk locally or drive to other locations its super fun. If you’re sick of the same routes go for a road trip and find somewhere new! Make sure to pack some comfy trainers!


So that’s it for this blog , Im sure there’s many more amazing days out I could’ve spoke about so let me know all your ideas but I didn’t want to overwhelm you! I hope you all have an excellent jam packed  summer! Make sure to keep your horses and yourselves cool and hydrated and most of all have fun!


Thank you for reading,

Meg xx