Christmas is a magical time but can be a “juggling act” trying to balance family, friends and horses. Harry Hall ambassador and full time worker Liz Langford has given us her pearls of wisdom:


1.         Horse feed/fodder:  Ensure that you have enough food in, so you do not run out during the festive period.  I tend to “double buy” second week in December, which sees me through plus emergency stash if we get snowed in. 

2.         Farrier:  ensure you have booked horses in for shoeing well in advance. Remember even farriers have Christmas, and the last thing they want is a call or text off you on the 24th saying you have lost a shoe.

3.         Haynets: Fill in advance, buy extra nets

4.         Christmas Feeds:  If you can make up all feeds for the 2 days.  Saves time. The Mastacare feed bucket covers are great for this.

5.         Mucking out:  I tend to pull out wet patches & pick up droppings, semi deep litter for the 2 days.

6.         Tradition with me is Christmas Eve, up early, ride, turnout and prepare stables.  About 3pm will bring in and give all the horses extra groom.  Remember it is Christmas on them too. 

7.         Christmas Day: If the weather nice I still turnout & ride.  Nothing nicer than a Christmas Day Ride, the roads are quiet and every one is in a good mood! 

8.         Leaving horses in:  If you must leave them for a day.  Do not panic, the world will not end.  Try and either ride first thing or if you can let them have a quick leg stretch whilst you do their stable.  Give them extra hay and reduce hard feed. 

9.         Christmas Clinics:  Check out what your local equestrian centres or riding clubs are offering.  Great time to catch up with friends whilst burning off the Christmas Turkey.

10.       Time to plan:  Use the holiday period to plan your New Year. Prepare a bucket list and have fun trying to achieve it.

11.       Tidy tack room:  Whilst doing this you can check what you need to buy, then buy it in the Harry Hall January Sale!

You can prepare for winter and grab the essentials at Harry Hall.com