The Wireless Riding Speaker – All You Need to Know

Perfect for practicing your dressage tests, listening to audio books while you ride, or for catching up with a friend on the phone while you do yard chores. The Rhythm Seeker Wireless Riding Speaker is a must-have riding accessory this winter. And here’s why.

What does the Wireless Riding Speaker do?

The Stride Rhythm Seeker is a wireless wrist speaker, allowing you to play up to six hours of your favourite music whilst riding or completing yard duties. The speaker allows you to answer phone calls, an easy to press button means it is practical to use whilst wearing riding gloves. The adjustable wrist strap means the speaker is durable and wearable for all riders and occasions. Not only does it provide entertainment for you, the Rhythm Seeker exposes horses to noise, necessary for their development this experience will make the Rhythm Seeker a must have accessory to both you and your horse.  


How easy is it to set up the Wireless Riding Speaker?

The Wireless Riding Speaker is very easy to set up. It uses s imple pairing NFC (Near Field Communications) to connect to your device via Bluetooth. It also has a Micro SD slot for music you have saved on a portable device.

Leah Grange shows us how easy it is to set up the riding speaker:

A safer way to listen to music when you ride

Put your safety first when out hacking, a lot of riders will hack out or ride with headphones however this reduces your peripheral awareness. Replacing traditional headphones with a riding speaker means you can still listen to your surroundings whilst out hacking. Playing constant music creates an atmospheric bubble around you and your horse reducing exterior noise which is great for spooky horses. With one click of a button, you can answer or reject calls allowing you to keep your mobile safe in your pocket. The built-in microphone allows you to talk on the phone whilst in the saddle.

Training when at home can be made simpler too. Use the Rhythm Seeker to help you work on your canter and trot rhythms, or even practice your floor plans for dressage to music. The possibilities are endless!

Our favourite thing about the wireless riding speaker?

At Christmas time you’ll be able to bring festive cheer to the yard as you blast out your favourite Christmas songs. And long gone are cold hands from taken your gloves off to answer your phone, a push of a button on the wireless riding speaker makes it much easier to answer calls.



  • Bluetooth technology for all Bluetooth devices
  • Hands-free speaker phone function
  • Play time of up to 6 hours, 600mAh lithium polymer battery
  • 12-month warranty (proof of purchase required)

A must-have when bringing on young horses, what showing producer Alice thought of the wireless riding speaker:

“One of the main challenges I face is getting my young horses ready for the show ring. They need to get used to hearing all sorts of noises – babies crying, people talking, banging, laughter – you name it! The Rhythm Seeker wireless riding speaker really helped m e replicate what a noisy show ring i s like at home. I used to play sound through my phone , but it was always muffled and never had the same effect . Now I turn the volume up on the speaker and ride around the arena with it blasting out the noise as clear as day. It’s helped my young horses get used to random noise s much quicker. ”


Perfect for a busy mum of two, Carol wouldn’t be without it now:

“ This speaker is an absolute must-have!! I haven ’ t ridden out with it yet, but certainly have used it daily to listen to some fab music while doing yard duties! As well as answering my phone calls, not having to take my gloves off while poo picking or r ug changing is great . A s a mum of two I’m away from my children doing the horses this gadget certainly keeps my mind at rest if a call should come through . I haven ’ t got to faff around unzipping any pockets and getting my gloves off in a rush to be able to answer the phone. It has also given me background company around the yard and has actually improved my mood many times. I now jig and sing alon g; it makes the day to day yard jobs more enjoyable. I'm loving this speaker and would now not be without it. ”