Top Tips to Reinvent Your Insta


With more and more users every day, creating an individual but recognisable social media platform is becoming much more of a challenge! This goes for everyone but I can’t help noticing the growing number of equestrian Instagrams! With all this competition we all need to up our social media game and this blog will tell you how! 

Instagram is perfect for sharing endless photos of our fur babies and mud monsters! Depending on the audience you want to attract, having more than one account can be beneficial if active followers are what you want to gain! A personal account can include everything from posh breakfasts to your horses best pose, it’s your account and anything goes. Having this account alone could mean you lose your equestrian audience who really don’t want to see your avocado on toast or the latest night out you went on! 


Creating an equine only account, that’s solely horse related can easily overcome this! Choose your best shots and if it appeals to you try and keep within a certain theme such as maybe a colour scheme, photo styles, either just landscape photos or a mix of both. I find it helpful to view my Instagram regularly to see what people see when they click on my feed. If it looks a mess to me then it’s likely to look a mess to anyone else! Not good, especially if a more professional account is the look you are going for.


Equine only accounts are also great for sharing your company collaborations etc. I know mine is full of Tottie! Having a presentable feed also looks good for any brands that may want to work with you too! Make sure you build a beautiful one for the next Tottie select intake! If finding collaborations are your kind of thing make sure you really love the company and be mindful to not choose competitive companies. To support the brand, you must adore it and your photos on your social media should show this!


Again, this is dependent of the target audience of the account but the shots you post do matter! Top quality shots are likely to get more attention and engagement than a pixelated, blurry shot of half your horses head. With most phones taking good quality photos, this is rarely a problem any more but keep in mind your feed style when aiming for a ‘Instagram-able’ photo! Try to think about what your viewers would like to see or what would catch the eye of someone scrolling through endless pony photos!


Link a blog or website! Instagram is great but it doesn’t allow for much information so a extra link to for example a blog site is an excellent way for people to find out more about you and your horsey life! Again, this should have a style similar to that of your Instagram! If your instagram feed is all about your show jumping then your blog or website could be thought of as an almost business type platform where as a more personal feed of your ponies could be much more fun and relaxed!


My last tip is to make sure you engage with your followers. Follower numbers shouldn’t matter, what should matter is the level of engagement. This can come from either the photo themselves or the description containing open questions such as ‘What horsey plans does everyone have this weekend?’ or ‘What does everyone think of the new Tottie breeches?’ for example. This allows for viewers to feel involved and then they are likely to feel more welcomed to comment of future posts!


I hope this helps give you a few ideas on creating a much more audience based, beautifully presented social media account. Although I love personal accounts, a well put together themed account is great for growing and engaging with your following! If you love your current account but think its maybe a little all over the place why not create a new one and keep it within a certain style? Id love to see your accounts so feel free to get in touch!


Speak soon,

Meg xx | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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