Thoroughbreds (TB) can be like marmite, most of us love them, whilst there are a handful of people out there that “wouldn’t have one given”. Personally I love them and all the quirks and ‘perks’ (listed) that they come with!...

1. You get to know your vet really well, they pay that many regular visits they don’t even need to put your postcode in the sat-nav any more! If you’re that lucky, you horse will see the vet clinic as their home away from home, so you really don’t need to worry about them settling in should they need to stay over!

2. Not only do you get to know your vet really well, but also your farrier! They usually answer your calls with ‘will be there in an hour, have you found the shoe?”… oops…

3. Your knowledge on equine nutrition is that good you could write a book on it! You have a black list of feeds that bring back bad memories such as your beloved TB climbing the walls and doing the wall of death around the arena! You’re constantly looking for the balance of weight gain without the crazy added!

4. You spend so much more time communicating with people, usually telling them that your TB is not an ex-racehorse and then describing that not all TB’s come from racing. Or in turn, explaining that you don’t know how many races your ex-racer’s great grandfather won in 2015.

5. Riding bareback is so comfortable! The TB’s physique provides a perfect cushioned seat!

6. They are easy to re-home if you need to! Everyone wants a TB especially ex-racers and usually are willing to pay lots of money for them… you always see lots of social media posts saying


- No sensible Irish horses, No flashy Warmbloods” perfect person for your TB!

Haha, if only!

7. Every day is different; one day the dustbins are not a threat, the next day they are TB eating monsters! Top tip, don’t hack out on bin day!

8. If the rodeo comes to town you are fully prepared!

9. They’ll happily live out (If you’re lucky) if not they usually spend most of the day stood at the field gate, meaning you rarely have to walk all the way across the field to catch them!

10. Your competition season is shorter than everyone else’s, as your TB has usually sustained some sort of injury or ailment during this time meaning more time for you to relax and only worry about fixing your horse and less time thinking about riding!

On a serious note, TB’s have so much to give, they are such quick learners, great athletes and are so lovable! They are only like all horses; you just have to get lucky!