Improving core strength improves your horse riding. Fact.

Core strength is the biggest ingredient that most horse riders lack, if you want to progress in your riding, then you need to pay attention to your physical core strength as well as your ‘canters’ and ‘pirouettes’. DRT is an online, 12-week program that helps you improve posture, balance and stability in the saddle by activating the muscles you use the most when riding. The program will also help you control your ability to stay calm, focused and improve the overall connection between you and your horse.

DRT is suitable for all levels of fitness and every workout has an easier option if needed. For horse riders who have had hip or knee replacements, there are options to manage this too. Nicola from DRT team is happy to talk through these with you before you sign up.


Helping you to become a better horse rider:

DRT aims to help you by building the foundations of your horse riding fitness. Professional riders are fit athletes, for them to compete at the level and intensity they do, they work tirelessly on their fitness and core strength every day through riding and specific exercises off the horse. The better you are locked into the saddle and can move with the horse, the freer your horse will become. Your horse will relax through the back which will improve the stride and suppleness. Dressage Rider Training

The more freedom and suppleness you create in your hips and spine the more you can absorb the movement of the horse and the two of you will move together in harmony. When you create the strength, fitness and stability in your own body, the sooner you can do the same for your horse.


How to sign up for Dressage Rider Training:

The doors are now open for the next Dressage Rider Training Program which starts on April 27th, 2020. The team at DRT only open the doors to the program a couple of times a year so don't miss out on what is an incredibly popular program with members from all over the world.

“It blows me away every time we run the program to see the results our members achieve. I feel incredibly grateful to have such amazing members who share with me their experiences of the program.”

Here you can find more information about the DRT program and if you have any questions, the friendly team at DRT will help you out.

The next course starts on Monday, April 27th, 2020 and in just 12 weeks you could see significant improvements in your riding and your horse’s way of going. Once you have signed up you have six months to access the program and you can also download the program to your computer to keep.

We can’t recommend Dressage Rider Training enough and Nicola is there to support you every step of the way. There is a brilliant community of past and present participants on their website and private Facebook group, these groups provide motivation, encouragement and support.