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  1. Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Work Your Socks Off

    Rosie and I meet huddled over a cup of coffee in a farmhouse kitchen in Yorkshire and I’m intrigued to find out how she ended up here after leaving Poland 10 years ago. “Well when a great opportunity comes about you take it right?” Carry on Rosie, I’m intrigued…

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  2. An Office Job with Horses!

    An Office Job with Horses!

    I remember pestering my parents endlessly for a pony until they finally caved and let me get my first pony Paddy at the age of 10. The deal was I had to look after him myself and from Paddy to my last horse Cotton, I’ve always put in the hours. Horses were my hobby, sport and life. I evented and competed in dressage at affiliated level and competitive riding was something I had always enjoyed. Having an aim and goal to work towards made the long hours with the horses worthwhile. 

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  3. Win a Lesson with Robert Walker

    Win a Lesson with Robert Walker

    Your chance to win a lesson with showing legend Robert Walker at his yard in Cheshire. 

    We're giving one lucky winner the chance to win a riding lesson with showing legend Robert Walker, the lesson can focus on a topic of your choice from show turn out to ring craft. You must be able to travel to his base in Cheshire and bring your own horse to ride.

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  4. Travelling a Horse in The Heat

    Travelling a Horse in The Heat

     Travelling safely with your horse during the hot summer months.

    Regardless of fitness levels, careful planning is required for horses that are travelling during hot and humid conditions. Equines need a degree of acclimatization to help mitigate the impact of heat during transportation and during competition. We asked Sandie Chambers for 5 top tips for travelling safely in the heat:

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  5. Will Protechmasta Overheat my Horse?

    Will Protechmasta Overheat my Horse?


    Will Protechmasta overheat my horse?

    All seasons have their challenges within the equine world, right? During the summer months, we are quite often faced with the dilemma of how to manage our horses in the heat. An excessive elevation in core body temperature in the equine can severely hinder performance capacity; it can also lead to heat stress if over rugged. Throw into the equation rug choices, for example, rugs that are designed to insulate when cold or to wick away moisture when hot and sweaty, then we have therapy rugs with the aim of improving circulation, reduce inflammation that will in turn enhance performance, speed up recovery from exercise and promote relaxation.


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  6. Understanding Protechmasta

    Understanding Protechmasta

     Understanding the benefits of Protechmasta and FAR Infrared

    For the first blog in our series with Equine Expert Sandie Chambers we want to explain the benefits of FAR Infrared and the Protechmasta range for your horse. 

    An excellent circulatory system is essential to ensure good health and athletic performance from your horse. We’re going to take a look at how Protechmasta could help your horse and how FAR Infrared works.

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  7. Protechmasta Series - Introducing Sandie Chambers

    Protechmasta Series - Introducing Sandie Chambers

     Harry Hall customers frequently get in touch to share their ProtechMasta success stories with us which inspires us to keep developing the very best products, in order to do this we wanted to put a top team together. We’re delighted to let you know that ProtechMasta has partnered with Equine and Human Sports Performance Anatomical Scientist and Mental Performance Coach Sandie Chambers. Sandie has come on board as part of an expert team we’re pulling together to help realise all the benefits of the ProtechMasta range.

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  8. Win A Blenheim Bundle

    Win A Blenheim Bundle


    Are you heading to Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials this year and would like the opportunity to walk the famous course with 4* Eventer Lydia Hannon and Bert Bolton on Friday 15th September. In partnership with KSB Equine we have 5 winners to give an amazing bundle of prizes to including a months supply of Immun-Ocean, a years free membership to the Harry Hall One Club and a Masta Protechmasta Poll Guard. The only hard part is picking a friend to join you on the course walk!

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  9. What A Learning Curve

    What A Learning Curve


    We have final reached the best time of year — the summer holidays! I have been itching to get out and about, hacking and making the most of having fun with Pepsi! But first a little update on the trials and tribulations of life with Pepsi. Since my last blog, a great deal has happened once again.  

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