WildWash has been developed to satisfy a genuine need in the market for truly natural shampoos and cosmetics for pets. As professionals we have spent years slowly and patiently developing a natural line of pet shampoos and cosmetics that we believe to be the best in the world. We have collaborated with and sought advise and opinions from other professionals and have identified specifically what is required within a product range to be the ultimate, perfect pet care products.  


Just like human skin and hair, a dog’s skin and coat responds better when a natural product is used. Natural products promote a healthy, hydrated skin and coat, whereas shampoos containing chemicals can cause dry itchy, scaly skin with poor hair quality, lacking moisture and shine.

Also, we should remember that dogs and cats are not able to shampoo themselves! Any product used on our pets also comes into contact with our skin. The damage that cheap chemically made pet shampoos can be evidenced by looking at the professionals, i.e. dog groomers and bathers who will wash up to 12 dogs a day. Many, many groomers suffer from red, sore, cracked hands and mild or moderate to severe dermatitis. We promise that in 100% of cases these ailments will clear up completely or show a marked improvement when WildWash shampoo is used.


What Wildwash Users Think...


Lisa Wood – Doggy Dos and Donts- Dog Trainer/Breeder

I am a dog trainer/breeder and also board my puppies and dogs I train. I have 6 working gundogs. I try and do everything as natural as possible. I have just been to my groomers who has used your flea and bug repellent shampoo on my dogs as I had a rescue in that had fleas and was worried about mine. Your shampoo was amazing. Out of 6 of my dogs 2 had fleas and we watched as your shampoo just killed them as soon as applied.

Anna Williams - Anna’s Angels, Staffordshire

I love it!!! All my dogs are coming up squeaky clean & my salon smells like a health spa. You need a leaflet quick so I know which other ones you do. Will want to try them all!!! Well done with coming up with such a great product. 


Steph Cater – Dog Owner 

After nearly 3 years, loads of ££ and lots of products I'd like to post this comment: 
hi, without getting overly excited (much!)..my order of the sensitive shampoo arrived monday and my itchy little dog has had 3 baths since then (starting as soon as it arrived) and *touching wood*, the improvement is MASSIVE! His scabby areas have cleared up (where he had drawn blood with the itching) and in 5 days have only caught him scratching twice! No more nibbling, no more being woken up as he scratches next door and his coat is lovely. THANK YOU!!!!


Emma Savill - Grooming Gorgeous, Sunbury- on- Thames

I used the Greasy/ Dark coat shampoo on a terrier. The coat dried quicker, had a lovely shine and of course smelt Gorgeous. I was very impressed.


Linda Reader - Presentable Pooches, East Sussex

Cannot believe how well the shampoo performed....got the poodle clean in just one diluted mixing bottle at a dilution rate of 32 to 1, used a second bottle just to get a really squeaky clean result but even at two bottles that was awesome as my record card for the previous groom (6 months ago!!) was 4 lots of shampoo!!  What also impressed was the erradication of odour.. The shampoo really did dissolve dirt & the smell is amazing...when I went to rinse out the bath after it smelt so fresh too! (bonus!) Dogs dried very quickly as well.


Amanda Burnham - Waggiedogs Grooming, Derbyshire

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE IT!! It smells so gorgeous


Sophie Hall – Pet Owner

After years of trying to find the best shampoo for my very greasy Toy Yorkshire Terrier I was amazed when I came across WildWash. Not only did it smell fantastic it actually worked. Bath time has drastically reduced and her coat is now in beautiful condition. A real winner!


Angela Mayers - Groom Room, Cheshire

Thank you for my delivery today, the wildwash smells fab and the service was wonderful. I’ll be mentioning you on the groomers pages on facebook


Katie Rourke Dowding - Centre Stage Dog Grooming, Ascot

"I've been using Wildwash for the last month and have finally kissed my dry, chapped hands goodbye! When they said this product would heal my hands, I laughed and only bought it because of the divine (read D.I.V.I.N.E.) scents; I never in my wildest dreams believed I'd be able to bathe 6 dogs a day and actually watch my hands get better.


Jessica Smith - Groomer at Hyde Park Pet Boutique

I have been grooming for almost 20 years and am highly impressed with the entire Wild Wash range. I recommend all their products to my clients, especially the conditioner and lightening shampoo. The conditioner lasts for ages and has helped me to de-matt dogs I would have previously thought were impossible to de-matt and the lightening shampoo does an amazing job at bringing out the dog's natural white coat as well as removing any staining.


Pet Owner – Jane Hodges from Surrey

I just want to say, WOW what a great product.  I purchased shampoo, conditioner and detangler at Crufts and used for the first time today.  Brilliant product.  I used to struggle to get a brush or comb through my dogs coat after a bath, but not today, its just glided through and it smells devine. 


Patrick Murphy - MRCVS Northwich Vets Lostock Gralam Cheshire 

Since starting to stock Wildwash Shampoos, we have found the range very easy to sell, and clients are loving their 100% pure essential oil natural fragrances. The Sensitive and Itchy or Dry Coat shampoos are particularly popular and we have been getting excellent feedback on them from owners whose pets have had chronic skin issues.


Nichola Kerr – Groomatherapy, Tyne and Wear 

"I only Started Groomatherapy, my dog small grooming business earlier this year but I had already been using Wildwash Shampoo's on my own Keeshonds . I knew that there would be no doubt that the only range of shampoo & conditioner I would use would be Wildwash . I use most of the range daily and the feed back I get from my clients is fantastic . They all comment about how wonderful the dogs smell and how soft and silky their coats feel . Wildwash Shampoo's are an integral part of my business and I believe my unique selling point and what makes my clients want to rebook . The fact that the shampoos are all natural sulphate and paraben free and contain essential oils really appeals to my customers . I can honestly say that I have never looked at or considered using any other shampoos or fragrance as I already Know I'm using the Best . Please do not stop producing Wildwash as I wouldn't know what else to use! "