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Your Riding Stories - Oh Gill



Here is my funny story. At the age of 62, I had always ridden but was getting a tad nervous, with self-preservation always in front of my mind, however one day I decided to be brave. It was a sunny Sunday morning and I agreed to a hack out with my adult daughter. The ride started well on two perfectly behaved ponies and I was enjoying life wondering why I wasn't brave more often.

Until.... in the distance, I could hear what I thought to be a combine harvester coming our way in the field next to the bridle track we were on.

Panic set in for me, ponies not in the least bothered. My daughter assured me they would be fine and to just pull up alongside her, all would be fine.

Then I saw it!! A hedge cutter, instinct set in and I turned my pony Harry, probably in my mindset of let's get the heck out of here!!

Harry did as he was told and turned on a sixpence, and yes you guessed it, his head knocked my daughter clean off her pony into a bunch of stinging nettles! Note to riders to wear long sleeves - ouch!

Thankfully my daughter quickly got up on her feet with an expression of "what the heck happened there?" Luckily no injury incurred.

In the meantime said hedge cutter oblivious to the fact we were there, kept coming and ponies stood rock solid whilst it passed!!

I've never been allowed to forget this incident!


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