1. Being A Select Girl

    Being A Select Girl


    Hey everyone! Welcome to Aprils blog, a quick diary entry about what I’ve been getting up to recently and an inside look at being a Tottie Select 17 girl. I’ve been super busy this year already with Tottie, University applications and general horsey adventures and things are thankfully beginning to fall into place for me, which is crazy exciting! I can’t wait to let you all know, continue to read on if you want a peek into what I’ve been up to.

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  2. A Day As An Equine Therapist

    A Day As An Equine Therapist


     Whenever you think of a physiotherapist, I’m sure many of you think also of an equine therapist for whenever your own horse has aches and pains. I’m currently studying Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at university. This is my final year and I have learnt so many interesting things about the Equine Therapy business. Read on to learn about my semester two daily lessons!

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  3. Spring Is Near

    Spring Is Near


    Hi, everyone! Welcome to my second Tottie blog of 2017! I hope you enjoyed my last one and in this blog, I’m going to introduce you to my Welsh Section D, Ben and let you know what we get up to in the run up to summer competitions. We don’t have a strict training schedule as such but we work on various aspects of our jumping or flatwork to prepare for upcoming shows so we can do our very best! If you would like to know how, just keep reading!

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  4. Winter Woolies

    Winter Woolies


    Welcome to my first Tottie blog of 2017! At last we’ve past the longest say of the year, days are getting longer and (thankfully) evenings are slowly getting brighter! If, like me, you spend all day long stuck behind a desk at school, college or university, you’ll understand the pain of riding in the evenings (if not, lucky you!).  I love hacking on Ben’s ‘quiet’ days, nothing beats a good relaxing stroll through the English country side but there are plenty of precautions we must take as riders on the roads. 

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