Girths, Stirrups & Spurs

Being comfortable and secure in the saddle is paramount. Browse our range of Cottage Craft stirrup leathers in two different lengths and colours. We also stock safety stirrups, horse girths; dressage girths and standard length girths as well as spurs from popular brands such as Sprenger. Horse spurs are used to gently encourage subtle signals to the horse who may be behind the leg.

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Girths for Horses

At Harry Hall we stock a range of comfortable, durable and high-quality horse girths. Stocked at Harry Hall are horse girths by the popular and well-known brands Cottage Craft and Caldene.
Our standard girths are designed to prevent chafing and are machine washable to ensure they stay clean and fresh for when you need them to look their best. We stock girths for various disciplines, including dressage, show jumping and cross country. Our girths come in a variety of materials, including PVC, elastic and leather. A sheepskin girth sleeve is also available in white, brown or black, this girth accessory is ideal for horses with sensitive skin and helps to keep your girth protected from scratches and dirt. Harry Hall are proud to present a range of different shaped girths for every horse shape, we have standard straight girths, shaped girths and airflow dressage girths that suit a dressage specific saddle. Our girth range includes an array of sizes to fit ponies through to horses and with a choice of brown or black there is sure to be something to suit your saddle.
If you are looking for a girth that will last and provide your horse or pony with ultimate comfort and protection you are sure to find one in our fantastic range.

Our Stirrups Range

Take a look at Harry Hall for horse stirrup irons and horse stirrup leathers, the products featured are by well-known leading brands Caldene and Cottage Craft. We offer a range of stirrup irons and stirrup leathers that are suitable for everyday use as well as competition use.
A good quality stirrup can make all the difference to your balance in the saddle, it is crucial to provide stability and control giving you peace of mind and leaving you to enjoy riding whether you are out on a country hack or taking part in a horse riding competition. We offer the traditional Fillis stirrups with a weighted bottom design allowing the stirrup to hang in place and making it easy to find your stirrup if lost. A popular stirrup is the bent leg safety stirrup suitable for all disciplines. The bent stirrup design helps prevent your foot becoming trapped in the stirrup should you become unseated. The third style of stirrup in our range is the flexi stirrup, designed to reduce the impact of the riders’ joints. The flexi stirrup will help relieve tension in the ankles and calves helping the rider to feel more comfortable, stable and balanced in the saddle.
Our range of stirrup leathers comes in brown and black leather and in a variety of sizes to suit your leg length. If you need help selecting the best set of stirrups or stirrup leathers, please do not hesitate to contact the Harry Hall Customer Service team.


Horse riding spurs are used in dressage to help give precise aids throughout movements of a test. They can be very useful when trying to give your horse direction and execute the perfect dressage routine. After attaching them to the heel of your riding boots, they will back up your natural leg aid and assist in creating more impulsion, which makes them a very beneficial artificial aid in eventing, show jumping or dressage.
Whether it’s a simple and classic fit you are looking for or something with a little more sparkle, we have a range for men, women and younger riders. Our spurs are designed from high quality and durable materials which leave a great shine finish.
Be sure to view our range of spur straps to team up with your spurs for a secure fit. Our spur straps allow almost unlimited positions of adjustment and can be fitted perfectly and comfortably around your riding boots for both small and larger sizes. Also ensure that you check the requirements of your show when competing so that you can select the correct spurs from our range.

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