An Introduction to Epiony

We have welcomed a new brand to the Harry Hall family this week – Epiony, we now stock their therapy products including the Heat Pad and Massage Wand. If you haven't heard of this British brand then read on to find out more about founder Emma and how her passion for finding “a better way” has led her to where she is today.

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We have welcomed a new brand to the Harry Hall family this week – Epiony, we now stock their therapy products including the Heat Pad and Massage Wand. If you haven't heard of this British brand then read on to find out more about founder Emma and how her passion for finding “a better way” has led her to where she is today.

"In the summer of 2014, aged 19, I was looking for a job after finishing my A levels and was due to start studying Biology at university in September. I had always loved the idea of starting my own business so I started to brainstorm ideas, specifically around therapy products as I could see that was a rapidly growing market, that’s when I first discovered The Massage Mitt.

I found a company online selling Massage Mitts, I ordered a sample to try and quickly realised that the product could be used on both people and horses (any animal really). After trying it on myself, and loving the feeling it gave, I tried the Massage Mitt on my ponies and their reaction was brilliant, lifting their top lip, tilting their head to the side and stretching their necks out as they were massaged with the rotating metal balls of the Massage Mitt.

I took the plunge and invested a small amount of money into my first batch of Massage Mitts and set up a Facebook page called The Massage Mitt, as I couldn’t afford a website at the time. I took videos of my ponies’ reactions to the Massage Mitt, posting the videos to the Facebook page and sales took off. People began to buy The Massage Mitt for their horses but also for themselves too. A few months went by and I was able to afford a website and grow the business further. In 2016, aged 21, the business had grown so much I realised this was no longer just making me some extra money whilst I was at university this was becoming a full-time job, so I rebranded the business to ‘Epiony Ltd’ named after the Greek goddess of soothing pain ‘Epione’ and applied for a trademark. Epiony was now a feel-good therapy brand that was gaining huge popularity.

Muddy horse

At this point, I had enough in the bank to develop a new innovative product idea, called ‘The Heat Pad’ a portable source of heat run off a 12v smart lithium-ion battery that aided bad backs and stiff muscles/ joints on people, horses and other animals too. Most importantly, the product is made in Britain.

The idea for The Heat Pad came about due to my weak lower back, sometimes after riding or general exercise it could ache and heat helped ease any discomfort without me having to take painkillers every time. However hot water bottles were impractical to walk around with, were bulky and took time to make so I decided to design a lightweight, portable and flexible Heat Pad that could be used anywhere, not just your back.

This is when we included two types of straps with The Heat Pad, one to be used around your waist or the horses’ neck/poll and another strap to be used for under the arm and around the shoulders on people and the saddle area/ shoulders on horses. These are only a few of the places the pad can be used and I’ve had reviews from people who have found it helps ease arthritic joints in people and horses.

The Heat Pad was launched in the September of 2016 and it quickly became a huge success, gaining recognition from national magazines such as Your Horse and Horse and Hound, as well as with Olympic riders, professional physiotherapists and vets. The success of the pad just continued to grow, helping people with serious injuries, muscles/nerve diseases such as fibromyalgia and herniated discs along with helping horses with kissing spine and SI joint problems.

Muddy horse

In 2019 we launched our newest product The Thermal Wand which sold out within a day. The idea behind this product was we wanted to create a massage tool that provided a direct source of portable heat that could also be used on both people and horses (other animals too). The end of each of the three metal fingers on the wand heats up and you can change the temperature by the degree ranging from 36-53 degrees. Massaging these warm fingers into the muscles on the body relaxes tight spots and reduces stress. We believe the business works so well because the owners can feel first-hand what their horse/pet is feeling from the product.

Since the rebrand in 2016, we have a directory of over 100 physiotherapists worldwide, over 40 stockists and a huge number of amazing reviews. Epiony aims to continue to design innovative physiotherapy products that can be used on both people and animals.

A bit about me:

I’m Emma, 25 years old from Lancashire, I own two ponies, a retired 29-year-old palomino Welsh section C called Polo and a Fell pony called Bee who is 12. When I get the time, he does a bit of showing and dressage. In 2016 Bee and I got a special invite from the Queen to attend her private 90th Birthday party, we escorted her from Windsor Castle to the private cricket ground for a tea party along with 130 other fell ponies!"

Epiony Heat Pad and Massage Wand reviews:

"Fantastic product at a fantastic price. Iv achieved incredible results incorporating the Epiony pad into my clients treatments and on my own horse. I also use it on myself! Working as an ESMT Iv found this piece of kit really versatile and the horses love it too! Louisa Frost ESMT, Derbyshire

“My boys loved the Thermal Wand, the pony was almost in a trance when I used it for the first time. Easy to use and effective. Another great product from Epiony.” Sue Wilson

"I've recently been suffering with severe back spasms following a car accident. I am undergoing physiotherapy and as a relief measure my physiotherapist suggested using heat to relieve the pain and discomfort as an interim measure. I used the heat pad with the large band to hold it in place while sitting watching TV, the pain was eased almost immediately. I am able to move without pain and the muscles feel more relaxed. Thank you so much for such a user-friendly, effective product." Elaine Curran

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