The internet should be a place to learn, celebrate other people’s successes and have a bit of a laugh along the way. Harry Hall has selected six equestrian accounts to follow this year. We're sharing these equestrian blogs thanks to their humour and ability to “keep it real”. We hope you enjoy following them as much as we do. 


Instagram accounts to follow:

For an Instagram account with a difference, we can highly recommend following Stewart Turner aka @man.on.horse. Not least because every time he gets 1,000 new followers, Stewart donates money to charity, but also because Stewart has come back to riding and is learning the ropes alongside his “big dufus” horse, Bilbo, (Stewart’s words not ours!). He’s also being followed by the one and only Carl Hester as Carl unofficially backs his campaign to get more men riding. 

@_the_girl_in_ green_ Megan is a paramedic by day (and night) and a horse rider and country lover by day (and night). Living in the north of England means stunning photography, interesting product reviews and a lovely bay mare called Ruby. Megan and Ruby are a relatively new combination so join the journey with us and watch them grow as a partnership – and more lovely hacking images please Megan!


Facebook pages to follow:


@GotFlashDressage is one for ex-racehorse lovers. Hayley shares her honest experiences via this wonderful Facebook page, centring around retraining her racehorse to become a dressage diva. We particularly enjoy this page for Hayley’s honesty – some days she is riding high and the confidence wave is in full swing and other days her anxiety swoops in. There are photos, videos, inspirational posts and lots of snippets of advice for anyone on a similar journey.



@Sian Lovatt – Country Bumpkin, to say Sian had a bumpy “equestrian” year last year would be an understatement, thanks to a broken collar bone and confidence issues with her spooky gelding Ziggy. Her Facebook page has never hidden this, and powerful blog posts written with immense honesty make this a must-follow page. Sian’s ability to look for solutions to problems is inspiring and many of you will be able to relate to the struggles of keeping a horse sane and sound, holding down a demanding full-time job and trying to have a social life in between it all! 


Blogs to follow

The Gaitpost is a curated blog for equestrians featuring product reviews, lifestyle hacks and event reports. Through the Gaitpost we discovered William Fox Pitt’s new YouTube channel, mastered overnight oats which make getting up and whizzing to the yard at 6 am a whole lot easier as well as they’re lovely gift guides inspiring for every occasion. 


The Mulberry Tree – Life of Riley is a new blog for 2020 following Sharon Howe’s journey with new pony Riley. It’s been a life-long dream to own a pony for Sharon and this blog will follow her journey into horse ownership with the very “handsome but cheeky Welsh section C pony”. Sharon is refreshingly honest with her approach to horse riding and strives to find positives in every situation. 



And because we couldn’t quite keep it as six here are some other suggestions for equestrian Instagram accounts to follow: @Two_of_a_kind_eventing and @wimpeventer for some reality checks from time to time. @millydressage for dressage inspiration and @novice2novice for keeping it real and sharing life’s up and downs.


We’d love to hear about pages that inspire you – drop us a message on Facebook @harryhall.com.