1. The Best Pair Of Breeches

    The Best Pair Of Breeches


    Breeches (or jodhpurs) are an essential piece of riding kit. Whether you showjump, play polo, do dressage or cross country, you need to be dressed in appropriate legwear. When looking for a new pair of breeches, there are certain key things to look for. You want to make sure that you get your money's worth and look great too! Tottie have a huge range of legwear for every equestrian discipline which meet all the criteria; the problem is choosing which one to buy!! (Getting all of them sounds good to me!)

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  2. Moving Onto Horses

    Moving Onto Horses


    So as you found out in my last blog, I have sadly had to retire my pony Suzie. This was very hard for my however I would not let that stop me riding! I recently got a new horse, Ruby. A 15.3hh, chestnut, Irish Sports Horse. (I know, a chestnut mare!) Moving onto horses can be tough with so many different things to get used to from strides, to shows and even tacking up! So I thought I'd give you my top tips for making the transition as easy as possible!

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