Will Protechmasta overheat my horse?

All seasons have their challenges within the equine world, right? During the summer months, we are quite often faced with the dilemma of how to manage our horses in the heat. An excessive elevation in core body temperature in the equine can severely hinder performance capacity; it can also lead to heat stress if over rugged. Throw into the equation rug choices, for example, rugs that are designed to insulate when cold or to wick away moisture when hot and sweaty, then we have therapy rugs with the aim of improving circulation, reduce inflammation that will in turn enhance performance, speed up recovery from exercise and promote relaxation.


So, what is the truth and what is myth?

Some questions we are asked frequently at Harry Hall are “Will Protechmasta overheat my horse?” “Doesn’t increased circulation result in increased heart rate and how can this relax my horse?” “I thought heat was a bad thing”. To demonstrate how the Protechmasta rug can help your horse we’ve outlined some key features of the rugs below:


Some rugs are intended to prevent convective heat loss, and others for example, summer sheets are designed to keep flies at bay or prevent sun damage. In comparison to regular thermal rugs or everyday rugs, the Protechmasta infrared rug works on stimulating circulation and not heat production.


The Protechmasta rug unlike a thermal rug or everyday horse rug, is impregnated with a Bio-ceramic material. This Bio-ceramic material is a combination of varied ceramics and mineral oxides which are bound together and heated to 3000 degrees. Once the material is cooled it becomes Bio-ceramic, and emits Far Infrared Energy (FIR).


When Bio-ceramic material is impregnated into the fibres of the rug and placed next to the skin of the equine Far Infrared radiation is produced. The primary source of energy required to stimulate FIR emissions comes from the equine's body. The ceramic nanoparticles in the rug become ‘perfect absorbers’ maintaining their temperature at adequate levels then offering FIR back to the equine's body. This ensures there is a constant emission and absorption of FIR to the equines skin, regulating temperature and preventing the opportunity of overheating when applied in ambient temperatures up to 25 degrees.


Generally, an ordinary thermal rug is made from woollen materials and in some cases contains middle layers of polypropylene - these materials work on helping to produce heat (but are also known to induce sweating) with the aim of increasing the temperature of the equine’s body through conduction. Thermal rugs are conductors of heat and therefore have the potential to overheat the equine during the summer months even while at rest.


An excellent circulatory system (made up of the heart, blood and blood vessels) is essential for good health and athletic performance. Constant blood flow through the millions of capillaries in the equine's body is required to help maintain the correct nutritional environment. Better circulation results in a healthy functioning heart, which in turn promotes relaxation. This is where the Protechmasta rug excels, it will help regulate your horse’s temperature, help reduce the risk of overheating in environments below 25 degrees and stimulate circulation preparing your horse’s muscles for exercise.


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