Understanding the benefits of Protechmasta and FAR Infrared

For the first blog in our series with Equine Expert Sandie Chambers we want to explain the benefits of FAR Infrared and the Protechmasta range for your horse. 

An excellent circulatory system is essential to ensure good health and athletic performance from your horse. We’re going to take a look at how Protechmasta could help your horse and how FAR Infrared works.

The Circulatory System is primarily made up of the heart, blood and blood vessels. There are many natural factors that can affect circulation including, core body temperature, heart rate, injury or disease, hydration and stress levels. A change in any one of these factors can lead to a change in circulation. It is possible to stimulate better circulation and help to reduce the effects of one of these factors through practical interventions such as massage, relaxation, hot and cold treatments and through the use of high-tech equine products such as Protechmasta’s FAR infrared rugs.

How can Protechmasta help my horse?

The Protechmasta rug is composed of bio-ceramic properties which combine with the body's naturally emitted heat to produce FAR Infrared radiation that is then reabsorbed by the horse. FAR Infrared has been scientifically proven to stimulate the cells of blood vessels and improve circulation. This improved circulation continues consistently while the horse is wearing the rug but does not induce overheating, our next blog on myth-busting will expand on this further. When worn for any length of time (we recommend using this product for 30 minutes at a time when first using it and before introducing it for longer periods after a couple of weeks) the Protechmasta rug will consistently improve your horse’s circulation, regulating its temperature at its current state, heart rate and reducing stress.

Another significant benefit of the FAR Infrared on the circulatory system is improving the function of the endothelial cells of the blood vessels and stimulating more Nitric Oxide production. The endothelial cells line the interior surface of blood and lymphatic vessels and help to control the movement of materials (including white blood cells) into and out of the blood vessel. The FAR Infrared stimulates the endothelium and enhances local circulation, which in turn helps to reduce swellings (oedemas) and allow in more white blood cells. This constant blood flow through millions of capillaries also helps to maintain a correct nutritional environment in the Equines body.

For further information on how the Protechmasta rug could help your horse please email us at contact@harryhall.com or read more about the product here. And don’t forget you could save 30% on Protechmasta products when you join The Harry Hall One Club.