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Horse Insurance

  1. A horse vet fees insurance case study with a One Club member

    Horse Vet Fees Case Study

    When Rebecca Gee went to get her daughter’s horse Lolly from the field she couldn’t believe what had happened. A freak field injury led to months of box rest and treatment from the vet.

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  2. September Newsletter

    Harry Hall News


    What's been happening at Harry Hall this September? We look back at the main events and as always a lot can happen in a month...

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  3. Meet One Club Member Karen

    One Club Member Karen


    In our September instalment of "meet a One Club member" we meet Karen Slade as she introduces her herd and explains how 2020 has been full of exciting changes. It seems like an age ago when I agreed to write the ‘meet the One Club member’ blog for September, in fact, I think we were barely thinking about a global pandemic when I did.

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  4. The Cost of Horse Ownership

    What do horses cost us


    What do horses cost us? Reading your riding stories got us thinking, what do horses really cost us? There are obviously the financial costs, but what about the physical and emotional side of horse ownership. Does any other relationship come close? In this blog, we investigate what horses really cost us.


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