A Dream Arena


If you had the chance to build the arena of your dreams, what surface would you use? What size would it be? What features would you include? There are loads and loads of different types of surfaces, sizes and extras out there and they all suit different rider needs!


Lets start with the main part, the surface! The two most common surfaces have to be rubber and fiber mixed with silica sand. Rubber has to be the most commonly seen arena surface, most commonly seen on livery yards. Rubber is perfect for outdoor arenas as they tend not to freeze. It also is pretty indestructible for is long lasting. However long strips of rubber used on the surface compared to rubber chips have more risk of causing lameness to the horse due to slipping and tripping. Rubber must be mixed with appropriated silica sand and can be maintained with a harrow or arena grader.


Fibre surfaces are one of my favourites, they are super stable and seem to proved a good level of support to the horses hooves when riding and jumping on the surface. However some sand and fibre mixed surfaces can become dusty so may need watering, especially if used indoors. Fibre surfaces are best maintained with an arena grader, especially if having heavy use for example a livery yard or riding school.


What size is ideal for you? If you’re a dressage rider you either want to be going for a 20mx40m or a 20mx60m giving you the perfect size to ride your tests in at home. If you like to jump at home you will be better off going for a more square size like a 30mx40m to give yourself enough room to set up a course. And if you really wanted to splash out a 30mx60m means you could get some super grid work done!


Now for the fun part.. extras! Mirrors have to be one of my favourite extras and suit any rider doing any discipline! From dressage to eventers to leisure riders, it never hurts to see how you ride and how your horse looks, plus perfect for selfies mid ride!


If you event your horse you could have steps built into the side of your arena, meaning you can train over them at home ay time of the year! Also if your arena is large enough you could have a water complex installed! A local arena to us has a water area installed where their arena drains into during winter and is perfect for arena eventing over winter!


This blog just highlights only a fraction of what you could do with your dream arena!


Olivia x