A Very Horsey Christmas


It’s my favourite time of the year, filled with family gatherings, markets, tree hunting and that “festive” smell. Yes, it’s Christmas! I’m so excited for this year’s Christmas, every year it just seems to be getting better and I love helping my parents get my younger siblings presents ready on Christmas Eve (aka my birthday!). We can’t forget one huge part of our lives at Christmas – our pets, mainly our horses! I always struggle for ideas what to get Benny, but I’ve comprised a list below that should give you (and me) some festive ideas!


  • Horsey Santa Hat – Using a small Santa hat like a child sized one, simply sew it onto a red ear bonnet between the two ear pieces. It’s really that simple and you will have a cute, festive hat for your horse to wear on Christmas day!
  • Peppermint Treats – Mix of your horse’s chaff/mix and molasses in a bowl and form 50p sized balls, bake for 15-20 mins and then pop a peppermint treat in the middle. The perfect Christmas treats that are super easy to make.
  • Saddle Pad – This one is fun but messy! Get yourself a cheap white saddle pad, clothes dye in whichever colours you want (try green and red for a festive look) and rubber band. Tie up the saddle pad using various direction of rubber bands, paint on the clothes dye (be careful as it will stain your clothes!) and leave to dry. Once dry, remove the rubber band and pop it in the washing machine. Leave to dry again and you’ve got yourself a bespoke Christmas saddle pad! Jazz it up even more with some iron on patches from eBay!
  • Treat Tree – Using some bailing twine and your horse’s favourite fruit and veggies, you can create an easy hang treat “tree”. Simply create a hole in the fruit/veg wide enough to pass the twine through and thread them on in whatever pattern you desire until you have a 1 ½ ft “tree” of healthy treats. Then hang it up in your stable or horse box ready to enjoy!
  • If you aren’t up for DIY’s, there are some brilliant deals on at the moment on Harryhall.com on rugs, boots and saddle pads so grab yourself a bargain! Every horse will appreciate a lovely new rug to keep them snug in winter.


Let me know on Instagram (@erinandbenny) what you will be getting your horse for Christmas and what horsey things you would like to get! I also want to finish this blog by saying a huge welcome to our Select 18 girls, I’m so pleased for you all and glad to have you on Team Tottie!


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year,

Erin x