Arc4Health How It Works

It’s absolutely current.

Arc4Health is a Certified Class lla Medical Device in 33 countries. It’s remarkably small, is wearable, drug free and non-invasive and works by automatically generating a complex series of microcurrents. In fact, it delivers over 4.6 million permutations within a single treatment programme. Before you ask, not one of them can be felt - just like you cannot feel your own bio current. We combined this complex technology into one user-friendly device: one finger, two buttons, four automated programmes and thousands of happy customers. You can have your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge healthcare immediately.

What is a microcurrent?


At its simplest, a microcurrent is an electrical current measured in millionths of an amp or µA. It’s perfectly safe and can’t be felt, in the same way you can’t feel your body’s own natural bio-currents because they are similar in strength.

Research has demonstrated that microcurrent can help the body reduce inflammation and its associated pain while increasing its own natural tissue repair and regeneration mechanisms. This can result in accelerated tissue repair and healing rates.

How does it work?

The aim of Microcurrent therapy is to help the body increase the production of ATP within the cells. The more ATP available to our cells, the better their capability to move essential substances in and out, while simultaneously boosting the body’s absorption of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) which are an essential component of tissue repair.Arc4Health

When an injury occurs, the body’s natural electrical frequencies can be disrupted, reducing the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within the damaged cells. ATP is essential for pain management and tissue repair. When tissue is repaired, inflammation is reduced. And inflammation is how the body perceives pain.

Simply put, the sooner the body can start a repair, the sooner it can finish. When an injury is repaired faster, there is less chance of recurrence as, due to working with softer tissue, the repair can be stronger.

What is ATP?

Apart from being a great word in Scrabble, ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate. This is the molecule used by all living cells to provide a constant supply of energy which enables them to carry out all necessary cellular functions. ATP is formed from an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate molecules bonded to it, hence the ‘tri’ in the name.

The energy stored in ATP is released when the bond holding the third phosphate molecule to the rest of the ATP molecule is broken. The product of this process is Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP) and a separate phosphate molecule (Pi).

During cellular respiration, the bond between this phosphate and the ADP is re-made, thus reforming a molecule of ATP. In this way, ATP in our cells is constantly being broken down and re-formed in order to provide them with an unending energy source.

Cutting edge technology in one simple device, that’s why it’s a #SmallWonder. Turn it on, pick a programme and press play. The complete pain management and tissue repair system at your fingertips.

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