Being A Select Girl


Hey everyone! Welcome to Aprils blog, a quick diary entry about what I’ve been getting up to recently and an inside look at being a Tottie Select 17 girl. I’ve been super busy this year already with Tottie, University applications and general horsey adventures and things are thankfully beginning to fall into place for me, which is crazy exciting! I can’t wait to let you all know, continue to read on if you want a peek into what I’ve been up to.


So, my Tottie experience began in October when I was selected to travel to Bradford in Leeds for the Select Day, it was such a brilliant day! I met some lovely girls and all the current Select 17 girls as well as Faye (you may know her from Instagram as @faye_and_annie) who was last year’s Select 16 girl and now a brand ambassador. We did some group activities, had lunch together and did a photoshoot with Tottie clothing. A few weeks later we heard back and I found out I had been chosen as one of this year’s Select 17 girls! I was so excited and so began my year as a Select girl along with Tayah, Romy, Hannah, Maddie and Georgie.


I’m having such a wonderful time working with the girls and Tottie. I have received such a gorgeous Tottie wardrobe, my favourite piece being my Honour Breeches, and have had so much fun taking photos of my Tottie gear when I’m riding or just being about horses so they can be used on social media and for clothing promotions (you might’ve seen Ben and I floating around Facebook). I’ve also been blogging which is fun, I love using my own horsey knowledge and writing blogs I hope you find interesting.


Not only have I had the fantastic opportunity to join Team Tottie this year but I have finally taken the leap towards my dream career. In January, I received an invitation for an interview at the Royal Veterinary College for a place on their Veterinary Nursing course. I travelled to the campus for an interview day, which was scary but exciting. We had what they call ‘multi mini interviews’ where we move from station to station of interviewers and complete different tasks. I found it a lot easier than a one on one interview as I get very anxious and generally make a fool of myself! A month later I received my unconditional offer for a place in September! I was (and still am) over the moon, joining the veterinary world has been a dream of mine since I was a child and now that it’s finally going to happen I can’t believe it.


I’ve been busy with lots of little bits and bobs too, I got a brilliant job at Greenstead Hall Racing as a groom which I am loving! Working with the racehorses is challenging but very fun and I also get to ride a lovely hunter called Nellie, what could be better!? Ben has moved yards so he is closer to me and the facilities there are great, we have miles of off road hacking and are so close to some great equestrian venues so I hope to get out competing more this summer. We have also tried our hand at Cross Country which Ben seems to love, I’m going to try and get out and about to some XC competitions, hunter trials or even One Day Eventing.


I can’t wait for the rest of this year and I hope you will continue to enjoy my blogs!


Erin x