Cantering into Spring


Hey folks, hope your 2018 is going well so far! I’ve been running around like a crazy person after Benny and working at the vets. It’s been pretty hectic but read on t find out how I’ve been fitting Benny into my hectic schedule...


Unfortunately, I really have been very limited on time for riding, Benny is currently loving life as a field ornament. When we do get to ride I have been focusing hugely on his flatwork which has gone down the drain recently. Through lessons with our instructor we’ve been working on using his hind end rather than leaning on the forehand, especially in trot as you’ve probably noticed from quite a few of my Instagram pictures he pulls into the contact. We work on this by using varying sizes of circles in one half of the arena so that he is not distracted by how large and open our arena is, this really helps him to focus on my leg aids as something to push him into the contact rather than a “go” button.


In canter, we are working on creating a bouncy but impulsive movement rather than the usual flat canter he has. This is definitely what he finds most difficult! He would much rather be storming off around the arena than using his bum muscles! There have been a few sessions when we’ve really got it and he has felt amazing, almost like riding a GP dressage horse – pretty awesome!


Going forward, Benny is looking for a loaner. I really am struggling to find time to ride because of uni and placement so I’ve had to put him on the back seat which isn’t fair. If a loaner doesn’t work out he is likely going to grass livery once I move to Lowestoft in April, just to give him time to be a horse and reset his little head in time to be brought back into work in August. For now, unfortunately we won’t be competing this year, I can’t expect him to go out and event with very little fitness. There’s always next year!


Sorry for the shorter blog this month, to keep up with what is going on with Benny, be sure to follow us on Instagram - @erinandbenny.


Erin x


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