You may have seen that Harry Hall offers horse trailer insurance. This policy is in addition to the Harry Hall rider insurance offered in the One Club and horse trailer insurance is definitely an insurance policy worth having for trailer owners. Find out more below:



Why you need horse trailer insurance:

Picture this, it’s two days before a competition that you’ve been working towards for a few months now. You go to the yard and do a double-take, your trailer isn’t there, it’s been stolen at the worst possible time (is there ever a good time?). Thankfully you call your insurer who confirms your horse trailer insurance will cover replacing your trailer in the long run and the hire of a trailer to get you to the competition at the weekend. Phew. Now imagine not having insurance in the unfortunate event of accidental damage or theft - you have no plan B. No means of getting about. No competition.


What is Harry Hall horse trailer insurance?

Horse Trailer Insurance

This horse trailer insurance product covers your trailer against accidental damage or theft up to the value of £5,000. In the unfortunate event of accidental damage, recovery and delivery costs are included in this policy to take the trailer to the nearest repair station or deliver the trailer to your home. 

The costs of hiring an alternative horse trailer in the case of loss or damage to your trailer rendering it unusable, are included for a maximum 3-week period at £100 per week.

Also included is third-party public liability cover up to £1,000,000, for liability arising from any one accident or event, which results in accidental third-party bodily injury or damage to third party property. The Harry Hall horse trailer insurance policy is underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance.


How you can get covered:

The Harry Hall Horse trailer insurance starts from just £22.50 a quarter and sign up is simple, you can purchase horse trailer insurance here or call our customer service team on 01274 711 011.