Now listen up, give me a moment, and answer honestly the following question: are you a responsible rider? Do you ride with due regard to others? Are you ready to be let out on to the roads?  Your reaction may be to reply “Of course!”. But actually, thousands and thousands of you are not.. Because I am not talking about wearing a hat, dressing your horse in safe tack or reaching for the hi viz before you set off on to the roads.


I’m talking about having personal liability insurance. Don’t snore! This is important. Insurance is a word that switches a lot of people off, but it’s something we all have to grapple with…for the house, for the car…and, yes, for the horse.


Many of us insure ourselves against the heartbreak of a horse dying of colic, or needing expensive veterinary treatment. But as equine lawyers and others have said for years, too few of us even think about public liability insurance for our horse.


The fact is that if your horse strays on to the road, injures someone or causes damage to their property, it’s very easy to find yourself in hot water legally. Recent court cases have highlighted this, including the need to have the right level of public liability insurance. In the worst scenarios, £2m or £5m of cover is just not enough. There are a range of excellent horsey bodies who recognise that Public Liability insurance is vitally important and so it is an integral part of their membership. You already have it if you are a paid-up member of British Dressage, British Eventing and so on.


Though I don’t compete much these days, and at risk of sounding a complete goody goody, I DO have public liability insurance because I have to have it to ride in the wonderful Windsor Great Park.


And now you can too, without even having to put yourself out. For this is one of the components of a brilliant new Harry Hall One Club membership that gives you up to £10m public liability cover, £10,000 of personal accident cover AND 30% off all our brands ALL YEAR. All for the price of £40 membership a year.


No, that’s not a misprint, that’s really all it costs. Find out more for yourself, including the all important terms and conditions, on our One Club page.