Looking Towards The Future


Sometimes in life you are required to make certain sacrifices in order to create that ideal path leading to your future.  It can be a tough decision which, at the time, may feel like the end of the world but with new doors opening it is important that you do what is best for you.  It is only recently that I have experienced this for myself and being honest, I regret the decision but I know that in order to make progress, something had to give.  Unfortunately the time had come to say a small farewell to my beloved loan horse Sebastian.


It is with a heavy heart in which we had to do this but, as previously stated, a sacrifice had to be made in order to go through the doors which appeared to be opening.  I would like to share with you all the journey I have had with him as there have been a fair few highs and lows but you never get to appreciate the good times if you don’t experience the bad too.


I started to ride this special horse roughly 7 years ago on a show-jump schooling activity.  For those people who were with me at the time, you will know that it came as a shock to me that I had been swapped onto Seb from the horse I was originally going to ride (RIP Blue) and I was quite nervous about it due to hearing some 'horror stories' about what he was like.  Anyway, me being me, I just hopped on board and cracked on; however, my height restricted me and my feet did not even come off the side of the saddle flaps so I was required to wear spurs to help him feel my leg aids!  By the end of the 2 hour long session we had successfully completed a course of 70cm (all be it in trot because I could not for the life of me get him into canter).  It is from then on that I started to ride him at every opportunity I got until he sadly turned lame.


It was at the beginning of 2013 when I rekindled my relationship with Sebastian as I was sadly outgrowing the ability of Billie (who was my loan pony at that moment in time).  I began to have lessons on Seb again and just generally exercise him because it appeared I was the only one who was willing to ride him!  We started to compete together and it was on July 1st 2013 I officially started to loan him.


These past 3 years and 7 months have flown by and even though it has not been plain sailing, I would not have changed them for the world!  Sebastian has gone from the quirky (almost wild some would describe) unwanted horse to becoming the most valuable asset to the riding school (in my opinion).  I can now get on him on my own, put back boots on him, and even go out for a walk without any of his typical backwards motion...most of the time.  This horse is definitely not the easiest and has taught me to be the rider I am today and it is with thanks to him that I have been offered these new and exciting opportunities with my relatively new ride, Delli.  Just because our loan has ended this does not mean goodbye.  I will still be popping into his stall to see him and maybe give him a good pamper session at times when I am at the yard.


I feel that it is essential for all of you horse enthusiasts to savour those special moments with the horses you are blessed to own, loan, and ride as you never know when you, too, will have to part with them.  Even if on certain days things are not going your way, just kick on, pat your pony and don’t forget the all important treats! At the end of it all they are your best friend and you can’t let those few down days get in the way of your relationship.


So that’s me signing of off for another month. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Seb and don’t forget to love your ponies and keep tagging Tottie in all of your lovely  photos.

Much Love,

Ruth x