Meet Megan!


With a brand new website, start of my second year blogging for Tottie and with new team members to add the amazing team of girls I feel like I should re introduce myself. A lot has changed since this last time last year too so im sure nothing will be repeated, other than my love for tottie clothing of course! Hopefully you’re not sick of me yet and will continue to read and enjoy my blogs. Im a 20 year old, Welly wearing, country loving, horse obsessed , student paramedic who comes from West Yorkshire.


Although I am currently studying paramedic science down South. Definitely unknown territory for me.  ‘Ay up` apparently isn’t a suitable greeting, dinner is tea and don’t get me started on the confusion I cause when I ask for a cheese sarnie on a bread-cake. So far my uni course has been amazing, it’s probably going to make this year the most interesting and challenging year of my life so far. I feel like I really need to adjust to being an adult and become somewhat accustomed to what life… and death throws at me, sometimes quite literally in the face (sick ew). I’ve already been exposed to what many 20 year olds or even anyone will ever experience and although slightly daunting its pretty dam exciting too!


I didn’t want to be a paramedic for the whole fast driving, ‘hero’ aspect that is sometimes portrayed. I chose this career to hopefully make a difference, give a helping hand and offer support when people are in need of it most.  A smile can literally make someone’s day and taking time to listen to peoples stories and experiences can mean the world to some individuals.


The uni course consists of both time in uni learning theory and skills and time out on the road in the ambulance.  I strangely love studying and find anatomy and physiology mesmerising which is a good thing. 5 full days a week at uni and lots of extra own learning calls for a lot of motivation and dedication.  That’s not forgetting the long shifts while on placement. Unfortunately due to this and moving  away meant that last year I had to give up my one in a million mare I had on loan, Dee. Many of you will know her from my social media accounts, she was a dream to of known. I have never met a mare as sweet, saying goodbye was and still is heart breaking. Despite this I do still have my tiny ginger monster who I love dearly. Jaff is my first pony of over 10 years, he is now pretty much retired and lives back in Yorkshire. Luckily my placement area falls half way between my home and uni so while on shift I live at home and get pony cuddles! I say lucky, a 60 min + drive after a 14 hour night shift is not my favourite thing to be doing!


My past horsey experience consists of working on a competition/polo/sales yard for numerous years,  riding in my local pony club and riding club,  attending dressage competitions and I studied level 3 equine management. Bit of a big career change I know, it wasn’t an easy one either! One access course, , a ‘gap’ year working full time in forensic mental health, uni application and a C1 driving course later and somehow I got into my first choice uni.  I also love photography and specialise in equine portrait and event photography which I hope to keep progressing in as I have recently upgraded my camera. 


Anyway that’s enough writing for one night, I need to go study for my ECG lecture tomorrow and finish editing some clients photos!  I hope to include some tips on planning busy varied  lifestyles in my next blog, so keep a look out and feel free to inbox me any requests for future blogs!


Thank you for reading, it was abit of a long one,

Meg xx