Public Liability Insurance - Why do I need this?

 A Benefit of the Harry Hall One Club - Why Public Liability Insurance for horse riders is a must have.


Harry Hall One Club membership gives horse riders and owners 30% discount all year on well-known equestrian brands Harry Hall, Masta, Tottie, Caldene, Woof Masta and Cottage Craft. Additional benefits of joining the Harry Hall One Club include £10million public liability insurance, £10,000 personal accident insurance and free delivery all year with no minimum spend. Once a month we also give members of The Harry Hall One Club the chance to win back the value of their shopping basket.


What is public liability insurance and as a horse rider why do you need it?

As a horse rider should an incident occur which results in an injury to a member of the public, or causes damage to their property, the public liability insurance covers you against subsequent claims made against you. Ensuring you have public liability insurance means that it protects you against the cost of compensation to be paid out as well the legal expenses that could be incurred through the claims process.

Liability claims have increased in the UK over the last five years and without this valuable cover your personal assets would be at risk should you be found legally liable for an incident involving your horse. When you join The Harry Hall One Club you will be covered subject to the terms of the policy should your horse escape from its field or spooks while out hacking. Below are examples of claims made under an equine public liability policy*:

-          A horse damaging a vehicle

-          An individual sustaining an injury caused by the horse

-          A horse injuring another horse or rider

-          A horse causing an accident after escaping the boundaries of the property

If you ride your friends horse, or loan a horse it is recommended that you have Public Liability Insurance so that you are covered in the event of an incident taking place whilst you are riding the horse.


What’s included when you join The Harry Hall One Club?

-          Public Liability insurance* up to a limit of £10 million**

-          Personal Accident Insurance* up to £10,000

-          30% on product savings on big equestrian brands all year round

-          The chance to win back the value of your Harry Hall shopping basket

-          Free delivery all year round

-          Exclusive access to Yard Visit of professional, well known riders


Types of membership available in The Harry Hall One Club:

Individual covers 1 person and up to 2 horses costs just £40 per year

Family covers up to 4 people living at the same address and up to 3 horses costs just £95 per year


What activities does The Harry Hall One Club cover?:

  • Recreational riding and ownership of horses/ponies; including hunting, driving, local gymkhanas, unaffiliated dressage and jumping shows. All other activities excluded.
  • The maximum number of horses/ponies owned by an individual member being 2, of which they are the registered owner or have a loan/share agreement in force.
  • The maximum number of horses/ponies owned by all members on the family membership being 3, and one of the family members must be the registered owner of the horses/ponies or have a loan/share agreement in force.
  • Riding horses that aren’t owned by you

For more information on The Harry Hall One Club or to join please visit – or call our experienced customer services team on 01274 711 100


*Terms, conditions and territorial limits apply. Harry Hall International Limited are an appointed representative of South Essex Insurance Brokers Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

**Third party property damage excess of £250 applies to each and every claim.