So this time last year 13 lucky ladies were getting ready to attend the Selection Day for Tottie’s Select16 programme. Myself being one of them, I was so excited and just could not wait to get there. When the finalists were announced about a month before, all of us girls had had some contact with each other over social media which made the prospect of meeting at Tottie HQ even more exciting.  It seemed that good vibes bounced off each and every one us and there was no doubt that we were all extremely passionate about Tottie.


On the morning of February 19th 2016, I sprung out of bed early looking forward to the day ahead - although rather apprehensive about knowing absolutely no one there! We set off on our road trip as it takes about 2-3 hours to get to Tottie HQ from where I live.  All the way on the journey down, thoughts, questions and even doubts were racing through my mind about how the day will go, will people speak to me, and would it be awkward?  And of course, I was totally wrong!  The day was one of the best I have experienced, I made great new friends, and although it was slightly awkward to start off with the rest if the day flowed smoothly with lots of laughs and smiles.


My most favourite part of the day was most definitely the photoshoot!  Seeing everyone dressed head to toe in beautiful Tottie outfits and posing for the camera was just so joyful.  This was a great ice breaker as we needed to act like we had known each other for years with some of the poses we were asked to do; but, it did feel like we had been friends for ages so it was just a whole load of fun!


After that, we all had a chill out back upstairs to discuss the details of what would happen if you were selected.  We ran through the contract quickly and then we received some beautiful gifts from Team Tottie.  I had a cosy fur topped knitted hat and their berry sports socks whereas others received a base layer and a chute.  If we already had those items we were given, we were welcome to swap them but I had two completely new items to add to my Tottie collection.


Although I sadly was unsuccessful in gaining a position on the Select16 programme, I was pleased to know that Tottie still wanted to work with me.  I now write monthly blogs for their website about many different topics and it would be great to know if you have any requests. If so, send me a message via my Facebook page ‘Ruth Walker – Equestrian’ or Direct Message me on Instagram at @ruthwalker.eq and I will be willing to take on any suggestions.


Look forward to hearing from you,

Ruth x