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From the horse's mouth

We love Spring here at Harry Hall, with the welcome arrival of longer days and lighter mornings comes an air of positivity. It’s been a busy month at Harry Hall HQ there’s plenty to catch up on so grab a cuppa, get comfy and read on.

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Meet our 2022 charity partners

As voted for by you - meet the 2022 Harry Hall charity partners and find out how they work to protect equines and animals in the UK and internationally. We introduce World Horse Welfare, The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust and Hope Pastures Horse Sanctuary. When you join the Harry Hall One Club, take out insurance, go shopping, either online or on the Harry Hall Riding App, we donate to our charity fund.

In 2021, together we raised over £13,000 for charity

Harry Hall is committed to supporting causes that are important to our One Club members, customers and employees. And that’s why, in 2021, we decided to donate to charity every time someone joined the Harry Hall One Club took out a new insurance policy or shopped at harryhall.com. This was the first year we had three charity partners and we’re so pleased we were able to help three wonderful charities - Brooke, RDA and The Horse Trust. Customers also had the option to make their donation at the checkout and we’re thrilled to say, last year, we raised well over £13,000 for our three charity partners.


Battling bacteria and mud

“My horse has mud fever” is a phrase most horse owners dread saying. Every year it’s the same, a combination of wet weather, standing in mud for long periods of time and hair on horses’ legs provides a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes mud fever. Often followed by a period of careful management, box rest or limited turnout to prevent the infection getting worse, helping your horse recover from mud fever can be a long process.

We caught up with equine vet Brian Reed to get his top tips on dealing with mud fever, what it is and how you can prevent it and we hear from One Club member Megan who found the Protechmasta Silveraid Leg Wraps were the key to battling her mare’s stubborn infection.


Just landed at Harry Hall

We can’t seem to stop swooning at the new limited edition burgundy Protechmasta Lux set.

Available in dressage and GP cut, infrared Protechmasta technology is paired with a sleek design to create a saddlepad that will turn heads wherever you go. The matching soundproof fly veil completes the matchy-matchy look while helping to prevent noise distractions and improve concentration.


Ice Boots for horses

The Ice-Masta Boots are designed to assist in the treatment and prevention of localised swelling and unwanted heat in the horse’s lower limb.

They are ideal for use directly after exercise to quickly reduce the temperature of tendons. The soft-feel gel pack remains pliable when frozen, ensuring close contact against the tendons and fetlock joint, this allows the boot to contour around the leg and lower limb for maximum contact to key areas.


The best breeches

These woven breeches, available in grey and burgundy, are queens of the comfort world. Designed and inspired by European equestrian fashion houses, the soft stretch woven fabric will fit like a second skin that allows freedom of movement meaning they’re a great choice for all disciplines. Dressage rider and trainer Sara Jane Lanning is living in her grey pair.

Dressage Debunked

Introducing Dressage Debunked! In this series you’ll find nine blogs and videos explaining how to do key dressage moves from perfecting the warm-up and leg yielding to half pass and finessing flying changes. International dressage rider, trainer and judge Steph Croxford has helped us put together this series and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve released the first three blogs in the series so you can start getting to grips with the core moves.


£500 show winner

Thousands of you nominated your favourite riding club, show or venue to win £500 towards the cost of running their show and following two weeks of nominations the winner was:

South Oxfordshire Riding Club

Thank you to everyone who took part and nominated their favourite equestrian place. It was truly inspiring reading all the entries and finding out more about shows, riding clubs and venues up and down the country!


Protechmasta £1,000 charity raffle winner

You might remember a few weeks ago if you shopped with us, you could win £1,000 worth of Protechmasta goodies for you and your horse! Samantha Payne was the winner, and she couldn’t believe her luck! “Oh you're joking!! I was just looking on your website and it popped up about the raffle. I like doing raffles when I know they are for charity, so thought I would have a go - at least it’s for charity if I don’t win!”


A date for your diary

Charity partner World Horse Welfare is hosting a series of free webinars covering a range of topics from wound management to equine mental health. They have expert guests offering independent advice and are well worth a watch. The next webinar is on Wednesday 9th March and it discusses whether a stabled horse can truly be a ‘happy’ horse?