Time to dance at Hartpury!


The Herbster (aka Coniston Nadal) and me are on the countdown to our first ever British Dressage National Championship! Having had more of an eventing background, Herbie, our 9yo home produced gelding, has always shone in the dressage so mum and I (the dream team!) decided to pop on his ballet shoes about a year ago and focus on the dancing for a while. And we love it!


We're heading to Hartpury today!! All the training and prep has been done and it's time to go and dance!


In the past week I've had a lesson with Zoe Rymer to really nail down both the freestyle and the 'normal' test. It's great to go through each test looking at where we can pick up those little extra marks. The freestyle is a funny one, because you devise your own floor plan and music you can tweak and change it as much as you want so it can be hard to finalise it and leave it alone! 


We've then had a final lesson with Becky Moody where Herbie felt great. He's a lot more engaged and uphill than he used to be and whatever the result at Hartpury I'm glad of the focus a big competition gives me to really push ourselves. She's also gone through my warm up with me (with mum making extensive notes!) so I have a clear plan on the day.


We've power washed the lorry and bathed Herbie till he's gleaming so we're all set for our journey down and to settle Herbie into his new home for the next couple of days.


I'll be posting updates while we're down there and I'll also be taking over the Caldene Instagram page on Thursday (13th Apr) so be sure to follow us both (@_caldene_ and @lucindastephenson1).


Wish us luck!!!


Lucie & The Herbster