Wildwash Review


I was devastated when I turned Katrina out as normal one day to watch her spook at something and set off across the field and straight into the fence.  She got caught but somehow scrambled over in her panic only to bolt and do the same on the next fence.  I could only watch in horror as she struggled to get herself free, pulling off a shoe, cutting herself and scrambling to her feet just as I reached her.


She’d made quite a mess of her legs and we called the vet for immediate treatment as she seemed to have a couple of puncture wounds on her knees.   The vet quickly put our minds at rest when he clipped away the hair showing that she simply had some cuts.  He left us with some antibiotics, no stitches, just to keep the wounds clean.  To begin with we used the scrub the vet left use with but as they healed we noticed that the flies were buzzing round the wounds making her grumpy.  I remembered that one of Tottie’s partner brands was Wildwash shampoos so I looked to see if they had something that could help.


I was in luck!  Wildwash do a medicated shampoo that has Manuka, Juniper and Lemongrass and was supposed to clean and soothe irritated skin.  I also remembered that Manuka is famous for helping wounds to heal so I thought I’d give it a go.  I ordered some and it came the next day, so I followed the instructions to dilute it and washed Katrina’s legs that night.  After fidgeting a little because that’s what she does, she seemed to settle down and enjoy the wash.  Maybe it was already soothing her, I don’t know, but she definitely enjoyed it.  I washed her legs every day to make sure everything stayed clean and she seemed to be getting less grumpy about her legs and within 2 weeks you could barely see where the cuts had been.  I think pretty much all of the scars will disappear over time and I certainly believe the Wildwash Medicated shampoo made quite a difference to how comfortable she was and how they healed so quickly.


Alanna x