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An Introduction to ArcEquine


Being part of the Harry Hall One Club gives members great discounts on equestrian brands, services and events. We spoke to the team at ArcEquine to find out more about the product and how it could benefit your horse.

What is ArcEquine

The ArcEquine is the smallest rechargeable wide-spectrum microcurrent device in the world. It’s a wearable, completely drug-free and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system designed to assist with many equine conditions.

Do you know a horse with ligament and tendon injuries, arthritis, sarcoids, laminitis, navicular, joint conditions, swelling or inflammation, wounds or skin conditions or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)? If so, read on because this product could be for you.

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What does ArcEquine do?

We’re using the science of microcurrent therapy to speed recovery from injury. While the benefits of Microcurrent therapy have been known for more than a hundred years, the technology to miniaturise these complex treatment protocols has only become available in recent years.

At its most basic, microcurrent therapy aims to support the naturally occurring biocurrents within the body in order to boost the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides the cell (and in turn the body) with the energy required for normal everyday functioning.

How does ArcEquine work?

Damage within the tissues (an injury) requires more ATP to enable the healing processes to take place. The rate at which the body can produce ATP is thought to be a major factor in governing how long it takes the body to heal and repair. Microcurrent Therapy produces a low-level electrical current, similar to the body’s own natural biocurrent, to help the cells increase the production of ATP which can then, in turn, reduce inflammation and associated pain and accelerate tissue repair.

Thanks to substantial and ongoing investments in Research and Development the ArcEquine is the smallest rechargeable wide-spectrum microcurrent device in the world. It is a completely drug-free and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system that is worn by the horse during treatment. The ArcEquine fits into a special strap placed on the horse’s cannon bone and since the ArcEquine is battery powered and moisture resistant, treatments can take place anywhere and anytime.


What’s more, microcurrent therapy is subsensory, meaning that your horse won’t feel any tingling, stinging, heat, vibration or any other sensation as the device goes about its work, so there’s no discomfort or chance of startling them. Since microcurrents travel freely around the body, there is no need to put the device near the site of injury, in fact, if the injury is on the horse's leg, we advise placing the ArcEquine on the other legs to a) not worsen the injury in any way by strapping the device near it and b) not having the horse associate the device with the pain that it’s feeling as this can cause phycological associations down the line.

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When to use ArcEquine

The ArcEquine is also an effective tool when used during competitions or training sessions. Intensive workouts and training can cause inflammation within the joints as well as microtears within the muscles resulting in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The use of microcurrent therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed up post-workout recovery times. So that’s injury recovery and training benefits covered then, but can Microcurrent Therapy be used as a maintenance tool to prevent injury?

We know that when an injury befalls your horse you’ll be reaching for your ArcEquine to help speed them to recovery, but studies have shown that keeping ATP levels topped up within the body can promote overall wellbeing, any part of the body needing an energy boost already has the ATP on hand to start any healing processes immediately.

We feel so strongly about using the Arc for maintenance that we’ve actually programmed a specific maintenance treatment protocol into the ArcEquine in order to keep your four-legged friend in tip-top condition.

Not only is the ArcEquine the only choice for at least 70 Olympians, 6 national teams, 14 Olympic medallists, 10 world champions, it’s also trusted by vets, equine chiropractors and physiotherapists and many other equine professionals.

Reviews on ArcEquine:

 “All my horses are top Athletes and the Arc technology helps them to recover quicker from competition runs, training sessions, long-distance travel as well as improves their overall wellbeing. My team and I wouldn’t want to be without it!”

Andrew Hoy OAM, Four-time Olympic Medallist

"We started using Arc Equine 2 years ago as part of our tendon management protocols. Since then I have seen many cases with better than expected quality and speed of healing. Maybe even more important, in combination with active rehabilitation, there is significantly less scar development as well. I see Arc Equine as a very welcome technology in the management of our equine athletes."

Henk Offereins, DVM, MVSc, MRCVS, Veterinary Director

For more information on the power of microcurrent therapy join one of our upcoming webinars where you’ll be able to ask your own questions about this treatment and how it can work for you.

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