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  1. The Best Apps for Horse Owners

    The Best Apps for Horse Owners

    The Best Apps for Horse Owners - no longer is a mobile phone just a phone. It houses your world in your pocket, your life in pictures, your friendships in group chats and much more. We have grown to become reliant on our phones and for a good reason, they can offer so much and can help us out when we really need them. In this blog we look at the five best apps for horse owners, some of our suggestions might not be what you expected:

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  2. Want To Be A Better Horse Rider?

    Want To Be A Better Horse Rider?

    A popular Harry Hall One Club member benefit is an online training program from Dressage Rider Training (DRT). You can save 15% on Dressage Rider Training through the One Club, but what is DRT and how can it help you become a better rider?

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  3. What Can I Do With My Horse

    What Can I Do With My Horse

    Fast forward 25 years and anyone reading this blog will find it rather bizarre, it’s not a Will Smith apocalypse movie, it’s real life. We’ve been told by the government to stay at home for at least three weeks and we must abide by the new rules. To help condense the advice released by the government we’ve put together a handy guide about what you can do with your horse during social distancing due to COVID-19.

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  4. An Introduction to Epiony

    An Introduction to Epiony

    We have welcomed a new brand to the Harry Hall family this week – Epiony, we now stock their therapy products including the Heat Pad and Massage Wand. If you haven't heard of this British brand then read on to find out more about founder Emma and how her passion for finding “a better way” has led her to where she is today.

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  5. Meet a One Club Member

    Meet a One Club Member

    Every month we meet a One Club member, hear about their horses and their equestrian life. This month we meet Dawn Bacchus and her ex-racehorse Des as they go on a journey of discovery together that includes British Dressage debuts and fluffing lines. Over to you Dawn:

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  6. Six Equestrian Accounts to Follow this Year

    Six Equestrian Accounts to Follow this Year

    The internet should be a place to learn, celebrate other people’s successes and have a bit of a laugh along the way. Harry Hall has selected six equestrian accounts to follow this year. We're sharing these equestrian blogs thanks to their humour and ability to “keep it real”. We hope you enjoy following them as much as we do. 


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  7. What Horses Mean to Me

    What Horses Mean to Me

    Harry Hall sponsored rider and equestrian estate agent Liz Langford kindly agreed to put pen to paper and write this week’s guest blog. As horse owners, we can appreciate that horses mean more to us than words allow, in this blog, Liz will try to sum up how her beloved horse Gizmo has changed her life.

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  8. Why You Need Rider Physiotherapy

    Why You Need Rider Physiotherapy

    This week we caught up with to Harry Hall sponsored rider Naomi Oliver and her mum, Mattie, to hear about a recent session with rider physio specialist Hannah Gadsden from Rider Focus Physiotherapy. Hannah specialises in helping riders in recovery from injury while improving balance symmetry and performance in all equestrian disciplines.

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  9. Box Rest Boredom Busters

    Box Rest Boredom Busters

    Whether your horse is spending more time indoors due to limited winter turnout, or it’s an enforced period of staying sedentary in the stable, in this blog we bring together top tips for box rest boredom busting. We asked Harry Hall One Club members and #twittereventing fans to give us their snippets of knowledge to keep your horse sane when stabled for long periods.

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  10. Public Liability Insurance for Horses

    Public Liability Insurance for Horses

    In this Harry Hall blog we look at public liability insurance for horses, whether it's a legal requirement and why it's important to make sure the correct cover is in place when you're riding in the public domain.

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  11. Setting targets for the year

    Setting targets for the year

    If you read our blog about beating the January blues, you’ll know we’re fans of making plans and having things to look forward to. In this week’s blog we caught up with dressage rider and trainer Emma Woolley to see how she is helping riders up and down the country set goals for the year ahead.

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  12. 10 ways to beat the January blues

    10 ways to beat the January blues

    January can be pants - fact! As horse riders we start to get bored of the short days, dark nights and not forgetting the wet and windy weather, if you're feeling blue about January then have a read of this blog and see if you can make some small changes which will help keep you smiling.

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