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Draw Reins

Our draw reins are a great training aid to encourage your horse to work in the correct outli

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Draw Reins for Horses

A fantastic training aid when used correctly, draw reins encourage straightness and teach your horse to go in the correct outline.
Our Caldene draw rein allows for easy fitting, quick release and poll attachment, with the leather one being very durable and easy to clean. We also offer a soft webbing version from Cottage Craft. Both styles are fitted by looping the end of the draw rein over the girth. This will encourage your horse to lower its head and learn to maintain a correct, light contact while still moving forward freely into the bridle.
If you are new to using draw reins, we recommend asking an experienced equestrian on your yard for some help. They should not be used in place of reins and a light contact should be maintained on the draw rein, with the primary reins keeping the main connection with the horse’s mouth. We recommend using draw reins when the horse is being ridden.