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Horse Rug Liners & Under Rugs

Our horse rug liners and under rug collection is unmatched in its quality, to offer you the much-welcomed versatility in a sport where you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of equipment needed.

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Horse Under Rugs and Liners

The Masta horse rug liners and under rug range is unparalleled in its quality and offering. The versatility of these means you can add layers to your horse’s wardrobe without breaking the bank. When used in addition to a horse rug, whether this is a turnout or a stable rug, the horse under rug and liner collection offers more warmth to your horse in the colder months.

The Masta range come in fleece, padded or lycra with styles including fixed neck, standard neck, horse hood and vests. Masta fleece designs can also be used to keep your horse clean if you have a competition to prepare for, and with a fleece hood complete with eye holes and ear holes, there is something for everyone.

Everything in the Masta collection is fully adjustable to fit your horse so you can ensure a comfy secure fit which will not move when left on overnight. Our liners and under rugs are made from anti-rub material offering maximum protection for your horse and preventing the coat from being damaged.

Masta have been creating and manufacturing horse rugs for more than three decades, so you can be assured of the highest quality when you buy from us.