General Health Supplements

Mastacare is part of the Harry Hall family and we’re pleased to introduce our range of horse supplements. 

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  1. Mastacare Garlic Granules 1kg
    Mastacare Garlic Granules 1kg

    One Club Price £9.80

  2. Mastacare Mint 600g
    Mastacare Mint 600g
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    One Club Price £5.39

  3. Mastacare Cod Liver Oil 1L
    Mastacare Cod Liver Oil 1L

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  4. Mastacare Multi Oils 1L
    Mastacare Multi Oils 1L

    One Club Price £13.99

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Horse General Health Supplements

There are over 45 products in the Mastacare range which can help to improve joint, hoof and coat health. Here we introduce Mastacare General Health Supplements which can help keep your horse’s digestive system in tip top condition. Our general health supplement range for your horse or pony includes Mastacare Mint, Garlic granules, Linseed Oil, Well-Being supplement and Cod Liver Oil. These horse supplements are natural feed supplements which can help to maintain a healthy digestive tract in your horse. Mastacare mint is a straight nutritional feed supplement to help maintain a healthy digestive tract for your horse.Mint can also be used as an appetiser for fussy feeders and can help to disguise the taste of medication and wormers.

Another popular product in the general health range of our horse supplements is the Well-Being supplement. This is a multivitamin feed supplement which can help maintain vitality and suppleness in horses. If you’re looking to help improve suppleness in your horse, try Cod Liver Oil. This is a liquid horse feed supplement to help maintain overall health and condition in horses. It is a natural source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and be easily mixed into hard feed. If you have any questions about our feed supplement range, please do not hesitate to call the team at Harry Hall on 01274 711 100.</>